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You Could Be the Next "Instapreneur”

  • 2009 18 Sep
You Could Be the Next "Instapreneur”


I have always loved the term "entrepreneur" and have considered myself one since I was old enough to say the word.  Several years ago I coined the term "Eaglepreneur."  Go ahead, check it out - see where this takes you:  Now I'm seeing other variations, like "Instapreneur."

Here's the deal.  Today you can be in business with no start-up capital, no inventory, no employees, no warehouses, no minimum orders, no sign permits, no leases and no long-term commitment.  Just jump on an idea and start shipping products this afternoon.
If you want to write a book but don't have a publishing deal and don't want to have to invest $25,000 for your first minimum order?  Check out Lightning Source ( right here in my own back yard in LaVergne, TN.  Submit your manuscript, have it available on Amazon and start taking orders tomorrow.  You don't need to buy any - just sell them one at a time and keep the profits.

If you want to design posters, mugs, bumper stickers, calendars or Mother's Day cards, you can jump over to Razzle (, of Redwood, CA and have your products ready to ship in 24 hours. You can design your next presidential campaign bumper sticker, take orders and pay Razzle as they are being sold.

If you want to create your own line of prom dresses, make it happen at StyleShake ( from London.

Want a cool t-shirt?  Put in your text or design at SpreadShirt ( and join over 500,000 other t-shirt shops around the world.

Have an idea for jewelry or furniture?  No problem.  Just upload your blueprint at Ponoko ( and when a customer puts in an order, your piece will be manufactured and delivered.  Sell your coffee table for $250, pay Ponoko $125 for the manufacturing and shipping and bank the rest.  No equipment or employees needed.  And you won't cut a finger off trying to do something you have no business doing anyway.

Want to get an eco-friendly grocery bag ready to sell at your local April 22nd Earth Day celebration. No problem. At CafePress ( you can choose the template, upload your photo or image and print one — or ten thousand.

Want to join the No More Mondays ( ranks?  Now you can't fall back on all the typical excuses for not starting your own business.  It's just too easy.  What are you waiting for?  You can be the next "Instapreneur."

Originally posted June 5, 2008


Dan Miller is President of The Business Source, founder of "48 Days" and author of 48 Days To The Work You Love and 48 Days To Creative Income. He is the growing authority for creating effective life plans that are achieved by integrating natural gifts, unique personality traits and one's own values and passions. His unique clarification of how God gifts us will introduce you to a new sense of freedom and fulfillment of your life's calling. For more information, visit