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Joshua needs help

  • 2001 27 Jul
Joshua needs help
I walked into school and found my 7 year old in the hall in a fetal position with three staff people huddled around him. I know they were trying to help. I also know that my son was tramatized. Slowly, Joshua was being pushed into the ground. I had been in and out of the school many times a week and watched as Joshua was in control of teacher, the principal. Somthing had to be done. We had Joshua tested in the school system to see if we could put him in the EI room. I thought God wanted me to homeschool and I had to be sure. Joshua and I visited the EI room and met the other children. I really had a opened mind, thinking maybe this would work. I met the other boys (no girls this year), fifth graders made up most of the 4 other boys. Joshua was a first grader. I was sad that the only place to put him was with older boys.

The next day I pulled Joshua from school, with confidence. Socially during the times Joshua was in scool was a huge challege. Socially at home Joshua is learning in leaps and bounds. Joshua is a wonderfull loving child that could have been lost in the school system and overwhelmed by the social demands, because you see, Joshua has asperger symdrome, and should have never been put in the EI. Asperger people need to work extra hard to learn social behavior and need one on one to help them to learn all the social details that we all naturally learn. We have had many blessings since and it has been very difficult at times. But knowing the alternative has giving me hope and absolute sureness that I have done the right thing, no doubt. Joshua Has taught me to love and depend on God more. What a blessing!