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The Descent of Mankind

Only God's Word explains the Brave New World of Noah and His sons - and gives the framework to sort out all these alleged finds of cavemen.

There Are Two Walls between Which Lies Everything Ever to be Found on This Planet

1. The first is Genesis 8:18 that declares the only land living, air breathing creatures that survived the Flood, and repopulated the Earth were on the ark - all humans but eight perished!

2. The second is Genesis 9:19 which states that all living creatures including the highest of God's creation - humans- have descended from Noah, his family and the creatures aboard the Ark!

All over the world paleontological research digs are turning up more and more fragments of bones, teeth, skulls, and tools. Once unearthed, fantastic claims of bridge species, missing links, and new theories are trumpeted instantly by internet news providers globally. In their wake come seasoned, science fiction soaked, illustrators that imaginatively, and to the delight of museums and book sellers, illustrate these fragments as thick boned, protruding fore-headed apelike creatures. Introducing the ‘caveman’. ‘Caveman’ is a world largely imaginative, and the product of the spinners of evolutionary thought. 

The Brave New World

Ancient History: The Brave New World Overview

Covenants: The Promises of God 8:1-22

Caveman: The History of Man 9:1-19

Canaan: The Curses of Sin 9:20-29

Genealogies: The Table of the Nations 10:1-30

Sign Posts to God: The Zodiac and Astrology 11:1-9

The subject of human origins has been severely distorted for over a hundred years by the theory of evolution. Popular displays in museums and magazines, and unfortunately even in school textbooks, have persuaded most people that man has an animal ancestry, leading back through a long line of intermediate stages to some form of ape-like creature which was also the ancestor of the modern apes.

So what is the truth? Who, or what were these creatures? When did they live? How do they fit in the framework of God's Word and Christ's Creation that was "good" and sinless on the 7th and final day when God rested from His creation of everything from nothing, instantaneously over six normal 24 hour days? What are we to believe, teach our children, and defend?

May I demonstrate all this by a new and some old reports? First the news of March, 2000 was at last the link from man to ape was found! Here was the headline:

 Micro-Primates - A Transitional Form Discovered!

Let's examine the story and see what was found. In the Book of Genesis, God makes it very clear that man was created special on the sixth day of the Creation Week. Rejecting the Genesis account of history, evolutionists must search desperately to find an alternative explanation for man's origin. Discoveries, such as the recent "micro-primate" fossil fragment, demonstrate the great lengths to which evolutionists will go to connect humans and animals.

According to these evolutionists, man belongs to a group of mammals known as primates. So-called higher primates are the man-made grouping of humans, apes and monkeys; while lower primates or prosimians, include lemurs and tarsiers. Now, some researchers led by Northern Illinois University paleontologist Dan Gebo claim to have discovered the smallest ever primate, thumb-sized and weighing 10 grams or 1/3 of an ounce. They also claim that it is a probable 'missing link' between lower and higher primates. They reported their research in Journal of Human Evolution (London), April 2000.

This fossil was found in tons of muddy rubbish from a commercial limestone quarry 100 miles west of Shanghai, and the limestone is a Triassic rock ‘dated" at 220 million years old. This is right at the beginning of the alleged ‘Age of Dinosaurs’, so is unacceptable as a date for a primate. So the fossil is assigned the more acceptable date of 45 million years old (Eocene), because the limestone has some fissures that ‘date’ to that age.

The researchers deduce some amazing things about these creatures. To quote the report: ‘The researchers say the tiny primates were tree dwellers that relied on a steady diet of insects, fruit and nectar to fuel their high metabolisms. Unlike contemporary higher primates, the tiny primates likely were nocturnal and solitary creatures. ‘"The implication is staggering,” Gebo said. “You would think that early higher primates would have a lot of characteristics of later higher primates, which were social creatures that occupied a daytime niche. It probably means we’re getting close to the transition between higher and lower primates.”’

However, what are all these claims based on? It turns out that they had no complete skeletons, but only foot bones, each about the size of a grain of rice! The fossil of what is claimed to be the smallest ever primate, is actually a heel bone discovered by team member Marian Dagosto, Gebo’s wife.

Creationists have no objection to tiny fossil primates, and these heel bones may well be correctly identified. But we are justifiably skeptical of such grand conclusions about their lifestyle and ‘missing link’ status based on a few fragments of the skeleton.

That evolutionists get so excited about such tiny bits of bone underlines the general lack of transitional fossils, which should be abundant if the evolution story were correct. Where fairly complete fossil skeletons are found, they are clearly not transitional, but where small bits are found and a lot of imagination can be applied, evolutionists are able to see transitional forms.  Is there really evidence that man descended from the apes?

 Currently Fashionable Ape-Men

These are the ones that adorn the evolutionary trees of today that supposedly led to Homo sapiens from a chimpanzee-like creature.

Australopithecus - there are various species of these that have been at times proclaimed as human ancestors. One remains: Australopithecus afarensis, popularly known as the fossil 'Lucy'. However, detailed studies of the inner ear, skulls and bones have suggested that 'Lucy' and her like are not on the way to becoming human. For example, they may have walked more upright than most apes, but not in the human manner. Australopithecus afarensis is very similar to the pygmy chimpanzee.

Homo habilis - there is a growing consensus amongst most paleoanthropologists that this category actually includes bits and pieces of various other types - such as Australopithecus and Homo erectus. It is therefore an 'invalid taxon'. That is, it never existed as such.

Homo erectus - many remains of this type have been found around the world. They are smaller than the average human today, with an appropriately smaller head (and brain size). However, the brain size is within the range of people today and studies of the middle ear have shown that Homo erectus was just like us. Remains have been found in the same strata and in close proximity to ordinary Homo sapiens, suggesting that they lived together.

There is no remnant of mankind that can be verified that predates the World that Perished in the Genesis Flood on our planet.  Assuming, therefore, that all archaeological sites really relate to post-diluvian (After the Flood) cultures, there are essentially only three chapters of the Bible (Gen. 9 - 11) that contain information related to the so-called Paleolithic (i.e., “Old Stone Age”), Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) and Neolithic (New Stone) Ages of archaeology. The world was already well into the so-called Bronze Age by the time of Abraham. Actually, the older “Ages” are largely hypothetical, based on evolutionary assumptions. It is obvious that a given tribe may have a Paleolithic culture, using only crude stone implements and tools, at the very same time that nations in other parts of the world enjoy an advanced civilization. The obvious proof of this statement is that such tribes exist in the world today.



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