Abiding Above - July 6, 2015


America-A Nation Adrift-Part 4

July 6, 2015


You see God led us to these shores of America, and all that our founding fathers did was moored to the Word of God. When you look at our founding documents it is so clear that our men, everything they wrote, what they were thinking, the framework of their thinking was the Word of God. Everything they debated, and everything that they based everything on was, “How does this line up with scripture?” If it lines up with scripture let’s write it into law and if it does not line up with scripture let’s keep at it until it does line up with scripture. That is how they thought! History proves that is how they thought. Our founding fathers were moored to the Word of God, and I believe they were led by the Holy Spirit. And so they got on a boat not knowing if they would even make it here. They gathered their children up around them, and I guarantee you they had a copy of the Word of God!

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