The Journey - September 7

The Journey with Ron Moore

God Never Wastes Your Time | Psalm 105:23-38

Today's Passage: Psalm 105:23-38
Key Verses: Psalm 105:23-25

Then Israel entered Egypt; Jacob resided as a foreigner in the land of Ham. The LORD made his people very fruitful; he made them too numerous for their foes, whose hearts he turned to hate his people, to conspire against his servants.

Can you imagine a situation where God's great blessings turned things south? That's what happened to the nation of Israel. After moving to Egypt to escape death by famine, God blessed them and "made his people very fruitful." However, the growth became a threat and soon Israel lived under Egypt's oppression.

Today's passage recounts God's intervention. He sent Moses and Aaron to deliver his people from cruelty and tyranny. God demonstrated his power with a series of supernatural actions. Finally, Egypt relented and were "glad when they left, because dread of Israel had fallen on them."

The story of Israel's deliverance is a great reminder that we are never forsaken or forgotten. Our God is a God who sees. He never takes his eyes off those he loves. He is on your side. He is the great Deliverer. Keep praying. Keep waiting. Keep watching. God is on the way.

Father, thank you for being the great Deliverer. Help us to wait patiently and expectantly for you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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