Dave's Daily Devo - July 7

Surrounded by Mountains

Psalm 125

Jerusalem sits at 800 meters above sea level. The hills to the north are about 150 meters higher and those to the south are 200 meters higher. A pilgrim worshipping on the Temple Mound in ancient times would look up at these surrounding hills and sense the security they provided. Gazing at these immoveable mountains, the poet compared their stability with the security the Lord provides,

“Those who trust in the LORD are like Mt. Zion. It will not be moved but abides forever.  Jerusalem, mountains surround her, and the LORD surrounds His people from this time and forever.” - Psalm 125:1-2

Today Jerusalem is not a safe place. I can question whether the psalmist was right about the longevity of Jerusalem. The surrounding mountains didn’t’ protect her from the Babylonians in 586 B.C. or from the Romans in 70 AD. Today Palestinians and Israelis constantly war over the right to the most important hill in Jerusalem, Mt. Zion, but I’m still going to side with the psalmist and keep trusting the LORD.

This psalm was a realist. He recognized that Jerusalem would be dominated by evil leaders, and that this would tempt many of those seeking to do right to join hands with the wicked (Psalm 125:3). He still sided with the LORD. In the End those who turn aside to their crooked ways will be led away. They’ll miss the Peace of Israel (Psalm 125:4-5)

LORD, You’re infinitely more immoveable than the mountains surrounding Jerusalem or even the Himalayas that moved —hurting a lot of folks in Nepal. Meet the needs of those still suffering from the earthquakes there and use this catastrophe to move even more to hear about the Prince of Peace who died for them and who will one day return not just to bring peace to Israel but to the world.

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