Dave's Daily Devo - July 20

A Son from the Womb of David

Psalm 132

The first half of Psalm 132 takes us back to King David’s passionate desire to bring the Ark of the Covenant back from exile from Kiriath-Jearim to Jerusalem. The focus is on David’s passion for a worship centered on a Holy of Holies that would actually have the Shekinah glory present. The historical reminder took us back to 2 Samuel 6. The second half of the Psalm takes us into 2 Samuel 7 and the LORD’s promise to David that the Jerusalem throne would always belong to one of his sons. This is stressed in Psalm 132:10-12

“For the sake of David, Your servant, do not turn away from the face of Your anointed. The LORD swore to David  a dependable covenant from which He will not turn back, ‘From the fruit of  your belly I set up sons to sit on your throne. If they keep my Covenant and my Testimonies that I will teach them, their sons will sit forever on the throne that is yours.’ For the LORD has chosen Zion, He desired it as His seat. This is My resting-place forever.

Here will I dwell, for I desired it.”

The tension is that in Israel’s history David’s sons did not obey God’s commands given to Moses and their throne was lost. After the Exile and return, David’s sons never did sit on the throne in Jerusalem. They disobeyed and lost the right to rule. Was God’s promise to David lost?

To answer this question I focus on the hint that a special “horn,” an anointed Son of David, would be raised up and would be the “fruit of the womb” (Psalm 132:11). It’s unusual to talk about a father’s sons as being the “fruit of his belly.” This twist captures our attention and leads us forward in God’s redemptive story to a legal Son of David through Joseph, but the Son of God from the womb of Mary.

I’m looking forward to the future fulfillment when Jesus will generate peace and feed the poor. I join the Jews of the post-exilic period as they sing about the “Horn, the Anointed One” God will raise up—the lamp whose crown will shine brilliantly (Psalm 132:17).

LORD, Israelis have much to fear today. Netanyahu struggles, like any other elected leader, to protect the security of his people. Iran continues to grow in power and Israel wrestles to determine how they will counter the nuclear threat. As the Iran Treaty is debated, it’s obvious from Tehran, to Jerusalem, to Washington D.C. that the only ruler who can bring peace is not part of the negotiations. I long for the day when no one will be able to ignore His power and His grace.

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