Not Much to Offer on Adie's Hyped Solo Debut

Artist:  Adie
Title:  "Don't Wait"
Label:  BEC Recordings

When Jesus was gathering disciples, He simply asked them to follow. He basically said, "drop everything and follow me."

Hesitation wasn't an option for would-be disciples as the opportunity came and went as Jesus passed by. In fact, when people did hesitate - for example, the disciple in Matthew 8 - they revealed an inconsistent lifestyle and a lack of complete allegiance to God. To be a true follow of Christ means that you're willing to follow at a moment's notice, without excuses, without hesitation. Any response less than that implies that you're not totally committed to the calling.

After a few years off, Adie Camp (former lead singer of The Benjamin Gate) has embarked on a solo career. Titled "Don't Wait," her debut album is a project that has been highly anticipated and has had fans anxious to hear.

True to the title, the album emphasizes the adage that our time is short here on earth, encouraging listeners to make the most of each day they live. The title track talks about our tendency to fall into an apathetic pattern of life and just let time pass by without accomplishing anything. Other tracks, such as "Time" and the cover of "Turn Turn Turn" (Pete Seeger, The Byrds) underscore this point. Elsewhere on the disc, Adie discusses the need to trust in God during difficult situations. Songs such as "Broken," "Sufficient," and "When It's Over" convey this message quite clearly to listeners.

The biggest surprise that awaits listeners is sure to be the musical style of the album. Fans of The Benjamin Gate will likely be expecting an aggressive and unique pop-meets-rock-meets-electronica soundtrack to accompany the soaring vocals Adie's been known for in the past. Unfortunately, what they'll find is a safe, very contemporary AC meets pop soundtrack with tempered vocals that only hint at the greatness we all know them to be capable of.

That said, Adie's vocals are still quite stunning and the music is adequate for the album. It's a decent album that has plenty to enjoy. It's just probably not what we all had hoped for. Songs like "When It's Over" and "Overwhelm" stand out as showing the greatest amount of creativity and potential.

"Don't Wait" was clearly a well-hyped album in the months leading up to its release. Adie has the vocal range and ability to put out a phenomenal pop album that will surely contend for album of the year, but unfortunately this is not that album. "Don't Wait" is a decent debut, an above average pop release that will do well on the radio and leave fans wanting more. Hopefully, future releases will have more to offer.

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