Home Schooling in the News

Zan Tyler


Home schooling is in the news constantly these days--and all the news is good news.  In August 2000, the ACT Board announced that home schooled students scored higher than public and private school students on the ACT, one of the two premier college entrance examinations used in the US.

Home schoolers finished first, second, and third in the National Spelling Bee, and had strong showings in the National Geography Bee in the year 2000. In 2001,the winner was home schooled most of his life. Patrick Henry College, the first college for homeschooled students, continues to be featured in publications nationwide.

The well-respected Kiplinger Letter (August 25, 2000) has this to say about home schooling:

      Homeschooled youths will be a rising share of our workforce.
      By 2002, the number of home-taught pupils will rise 30%,
      to around 2 million.  Slew of Internet resources is prompting
      more parents to choose this option.

      Good news for employers:  Those taught at home often score
      higher on standardized tests, get just as involved in civic,
      community activities. More colleges are recruiting them
      because of their good track records.  Usually taught to be
      independent thinkers, hard-working, self-motivated.

The Kiplinger Letter has been published weekly since 1923.  It provides solid, thorough research and forecasts.  My dad has been reading to me from The Kiplinger Letter for as long as I can remember.  He called in August declaring, "This week's Kiplinger confirms what you have been preaching about home schooling for 15 years!"  When Kiplinger speaks, people listen.

Home schooling is in the mainstream now.  Research demonstrates that it is very effective academically. Families are thriving as they spend quality time together.  Home schooled youth  are flourishing spiritually and morally--the Supreme Court has not yet been able to ban prayer and Bible study at home!  Home schooling may be just the thing that you and your family have been searching for.

The HomeSchool Channel of is here to help.  We offer advice, encouragement, and pertinent information to aid you in making the home schooling decision and beginning the home schooling journey.

The Kiplinger Letter is quoted by permission from the Kiplinger Washington Editors.

Zan Tyler is the editor of the HomeSchool Channel for and the co-author of Anyone Can Homeschool. She and her husband Joe have three children and have  been homeschooling for 17 years.