The men say they take the temptations seriously and serve as accountability partners for one another. If any member of the band were caught with a woman, Welsh jokes that the other guys wouldn't just reprimand him: "We'd skip right to murder."

"There's also this subconscious pressure," says Welsh, the only unmarried member of the group—and he's getting married in a few weeks. "You don't want to disappoint yourself and the three guys you're spending most of your life with." He adds that their years of friendship make it easier for them to speak frankly with one another.

"There's not a wild card in the band," says Welsh. "It's a group of four solid guys."

As far as being rock stars, "We're pretty boring," says Slade. A typical evening generally is spent in a hotel room calling their wives or, in Welsh's case, fiancée.

Still, they admit that one of their biggest struggles is staying grounded in their relationship with Jesus.

"We're all just learning that there are a lot of more proactive things that need to be done," says Welsh, adding that with time on the road, they're rarely able to attend their home churches. "So," he says, "a lot of that now falls into our hands.

"We're kind of past that first stage where you're thinking, It's great; we're on the road, it's exciting, it's fun. Now we're sort of at the stage where it's still fun, but now it's something where I feel a little distant from God. But I'm working at it. We're all working at it."

Band members don't publicize their faith, but they don't hide it, either. "We're definitely not going to deny it," Wysocki says. "We all grew up on Christian bands like Steven Curtis Chapman and dc Talk. Most of our musical past has been in worship bands."

Wysocki tells of a visit to a radio station that was welcoming calls from listeners when one fan surprised everyone with a comment, including the DJ, who had been looking at a Playboy magazine.

The DJ had asked listeners, "Tell us why you love The Fray," and one caller made their day by saying, "Because they're a faith-based band."

"That," says Wysocki, "was the coolest thing that happened to me in a long time."

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