It seems like the Christian music scene keeps growing a little larger, and for every established artist releasing a much-anticipated album, there are at least ten others making their debut. There's no shortage of new talent out there, and record labels are certainly hopeful to break the next big thing to the public.

We recently got to know some of these newbies at the annual Gospel Music Week in Nashville. By no means is this a complete list of 2005's new artists, but consider it an introduction to ten worth watching.

Name: Adelaide
Album:Overtired and Ill Prepared (Word of Mouth—February 2005)
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
What THEY Say They Sound Like: "Big inspiration for me would be R.E.M., Gene Eugene and Adam Again," says Anthony Hoisington (vocals, keyboard, guitar). "We also get compared a lot to Radiohead, Coldplay and Elbow, and Counting Crows."
What WE Say They Sound Like: Coldplay meets Counting Crows indeed. Like Blue Merle, an oddly successful marriage of arty Brit rock with Americana roots.
Standout Song: "The title track," says Joe Secciarell (bass, backing vocals). "It's a summary of where we were at, while pointing in the direction we hoped the record would head."
Bet You Didn't Know: The band was formerly called The McClurg Family Singers. Also, Peter Borden (drums) was once sent home from Australia when studying at Hillsong. "I took a break from studies to go up to Sydney one week," he recalls. "I got stranded out there, missed too many days of classes and was thrown out of the country because it was a breach of my student visa!"
Message: "The record starts out from a point of view of being kind of depressed, but as it goes on, that mood starts refining itself by finding roots in Jesus," Hoisington says. "We basically want people to know Jesus is there to turn to if you're trying to find yourself in this world."

Name: Inhabited
Album:The Revolution (Fervent—July 2005)
Hometown: Spring, Texas
What THEY Say They Sound Like: "An alternative modern rock group that has a girl singer with a twist," Marcus Acker (guitar) explains. "Sometimes there are jazzy chord voicings and there's a little bit of Brit rock thrown in."
What WE Say They Sound Like: Evanescence (minus the attitude) mixed with some classic rock (Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin) and Brit rock (Coldplay).
Standout Song: "'Revolution' because it summarizes our purpose as a band," Sara Acker (vocals) says. "We want to go out, change the world and inspire others to do the same."
Bet You Didn't Know: The band started with Marcus and Sara leading worship, writing together, and meeting other members. Says Marcus, "We learned from our mistakes."
Message: "Our hope is to be transparent and real in our songs and to let listeners know they're not alone in their struggles," Sara sums up. "We might stumble and fall, but it's important to get back up and keep pressing on."

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Name: Jeff Anderson
Album:Seamless (Gotee)
Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
What HE Says He Sounds Like: "A lot of Brit-pop influences, like Oasis, Radiohead, The Verve, Travis and Coldplay. There's also a bit of folk influence from Bob Dylan and some rock 'n' roll from AC/DC and Led Zeppelin."
What WE Say He Sounds Like: Brit pop a la Travis, Coldplay, and The Verve with the worshipful bent of Sonicflood, By the Tree, and Delirious.
Standout Song: "'I Don't Belong Here,' which is very important to me and my wife," he admits. "We lost a baby to a miscarriage about a year and a half ago, and this song is birthed out of being angry with God. But in the end I saw how he poured out his grace, mercy and love on me and showed us the majesty of heaven."
Bet You Didn't Know: Jeff studied opera at a conservatory of music in Columbus, Ohio, and led worship at a Vineyard church there before signing with Gotee.
Message: "I believe one of the deeper struggles of our Christian faith is that we all feel inadequate or not well equipped to serve the kingdom. I want to remind people God's power makes us perfect in our weakness and He gives us that power through His spirit."