A lot has happened to Krystal Meyers since the release of her self-titled debut album in 2005. The talented teen has graduated from high school, received a Dove nomination for Best New Artist, scored a hit album and has not only become one of the most successful newcomers in the U.S., but has become a sensation in Japan. She's been on the cover of Nylon and Bounce magazines and knocked the Red Hot Chili Peppers from the top slot to achieve her first No. 1 single in Japan. All that can add up to a swirling vortex of changes, commitments and challenges, but at the center, everything remains the same - Krystal's God-given talent, her unwavering faith and her intense passion to spread the gospel.

Those are the forces that drive her sophomore project, Dying for a Heart, a collection of musically innovative and lyrically potent songs all anchored by Krystal's compelling voice. It's a voice that took the Christian music community by storm with the release of her debut disc. Her hit single, "Anticonformity," was a powerful anthem that encouraged others to buck trends and embrace their individuality. Krystal quickly gained a reputation as an artist whose musical talent was underscored by her conviction.

As she began writing songs for her sophomore album, her approach was simple. "I wanted this to be God's words, not my own," she says. "I want God to be speaking through my music. So I stepped back and prayed about it. I surrendered the whole writing process to God."

The fruits of that surrender are readily evident on Dying for a Heart. The collection encompasses a rich emotional landscape from the poignant, soaring "The Beauty of Grace" to the buoyant "Only You Make Me Happy." One of the most intriguing cuts on the album is "The Situation," a song about temptation and having the strength to make the right choice when a relationship begins to take a more physical turn. "We wanted to write a controversial kind of song that would totally challenge the youth of this generation," she says of the song she crafted with her guitarist Brian Hitt. "With 'The Situation' being about premarital sex, we wanted to make it more challenging and in-your-face. This is a real subject and it's serious."

The album's title comes from the song "Love is on the Run." "Dying for a heart is what Jesus ultimately did for us on the cross," says Krystal. "He died for all of our hearts and our well being, for us to be able to have that opportunity to have communion with the Father. We're dying for a place to call our own, somewhere for our heart to have peace and resolution."

"Stand and Scream" is a song Krystal co-wrote with Tiffany from Plumb and Matt Bronlewee. She describes it as a song about "coming out of your shell and saying 'I want my voice to be heard'." Another standout on her new set is "Live." "It's about living," she explains simply. "The song asks: 'Am I too young and restless to live the way the fearless do?' It's about wanting to live life to the fullest extent."

p>Krystal has always wanted to live life to the fullest and she's done a lot of living for one so young—only 18. Born in Orange County, California, Krystal moved to Tennessee with her family when she was six. By the time she was 10, she was writing songs. "I knew I would be doing music ministry ever since I could talk," she says. "A lady in our church told my mom 'Your daughter is going to travel the world and be a missionary.' That's what this is—a mission field and music is the outlet."

Her breakthrough hit, "Anticonformity" was written before she entered ninth grade. "I wrote it with my friend Hannah Dwinell at camp," she says. "I recorded the first version in ninth grade on a camp compilation and it started getting lots of attention. Then we started talking with a label."