Random Acts of Kindness

Many years ago, I realized marriage might not be in the plan anytime soon. So instead of sitting around waiting for "life" to find me, I decided I'd find it. And I've discovered life is what you make it.
I had to find a release for the love in my heart. And since no one was sitting in my La–Z–Boy, I watched for opportunities to reach out. After realizing that little things, such as a smile from a stranger, a gift from someone anonymous, or a card from a friend, make me happiest, I started doing similar things for others. Out shopping, I held doors for strangers and offered sincere smiles. I received many thanks and smiles in return. I adopted an elderly lady and visited her, played cards with her, took her shopping, and ate out with her. I watched coworkers closely to see when they needed pick–me–ups. Then I sent encouraging cards. I wrote letters to old friends. And my favorite: I sent anonymous greetings and flowers.
A little gesture can turn someone's whole day around. And I think I've helped do so. A married person showers a specific person with love, gifts, and time; a single person can spread her efforts more widely. Like a flower girl throwing petals from her basket, I'm doing the same with kind gestures.

Giving Back

Because I always wanted to be married, I spent the majority of my 20s feeling inferior and wallowing in self–pity. I wanted God's best for my life, but was frustrated to think that meant I'd be single forever.
Reading countless books about living as a Christian single inspired me to pour out my desire to the One in control of my life and marital status. I read that contentment isn't eliminating my desires, but rather trusting God with my desires. I realized being angry or discontent with singleness was insinuating God made a mistake and didn't know best. That new understanding helped me seek contentment.
Now as I enter my 30s, I cultivate contentment by giving. I teach a Sunday school class and a women's Bible study, and I recently helped a young mother relocate. This fall I'm taking a mission trip to see if God wants me on a foreign field. I'm striving to live like Jesus, dedicating myself to God's mission and prayer. For the only way to be content is to give one's self completely to others.

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