Controlling one's ship and one's character on the ground is surprisingly similar. I think this was a great choice by Cryptic. The controls to move your ship and character around are practically the same. Thanks to the simple key mapping of abilities (keys 1-0 and then some) as in most MMORPGs, battle is familiar in both situations.

Leveling System 

In STO, you begin your star trek as an ensign, the newbie rank of a naval officer. You level up to Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander and so forth until you reach Admiral. In other games you gain experience points while playing and eventually gain enough experience to level, allowing you to unlock skills you can buy. In STO, you gain skills points all along. This allows you to buy new skills and level up current skills of your character and/or Bridge Officers. Once you've spent a certain number of skill points, you are promoted. In short, in STO, your skills increase all along, not just when you level.


Cryptic definitely made this game with core Star Trek fans in mind. It's not the type of game that will reach out to random fan bases and tease people with promises of a better gaming experience. I wouldn't go as far as to say it is better than any other MMORPG I've played. The fact that it's Star Trek is what is important. I can get into just about any Fantasy/Sci-fi universe, but being able to play in the Star Trek world is a special treat for the long-time fan. And while this game might pull some extra players because of the recent Star Trek movie (amazing, by the way), most of its players were fervent fans before the latest movie.

Simply put, if you are a Star Trek fan, you will love this game. If you are not a Star Trek fan, but looking for something fun to play, this game is as fun as any other MMORPG.  I found nothing inappropriate with this game to date, so I recommend for all ages. The fantasy violence is not bloody, and characters simply fall and disappear when defeated. Ships do explode in a fire ball. I have yet to encounter any mildly suggestive themes, though they are mentioned in the rating.

(Inf Rated T for Teen | Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes)