About the actor: Veteran actor Kevin Bacon has been the star of numerous films and the recipient of many acting awards. Some of his most notable films are Footloose, where he played the dance-loving Ren McCormack, and Apollo 13, for which he won a Screen Actors Guild Award.   

White Queen

AKA: Emma Frost
Shaw's right hand woman and femme fatale of the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost is a powerful telepath whose psychic abilities rival those of Charles Xavier. When looks and mind games aren't enough though, her skin can take on a diamond-like form that makes her practically indestructible. As cold and calculating as her name suggests, the White Queen is one mutant you do not want as your enemy.
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About the actor: January Jones is a versatile actress with numerous appearances in film and television alike. Some of her most prominent roles have included AMC's Mad Men and the film thriller Unknown where she starred alongside Liam Neeson.

AKA: Janos Quested
One of Shaw's lieutenants, Riptide's mutation allows him to spin his body incredibly fast. While not the most menacing of abilities, the whirlwinds he creates can decimate buildings and toss human beings around like ragdolls. He is frequently seen working alongside Azazel.

About the actor: Alex Gonzalez studied acting at the Juan Carlos Corazza International Academy. After several roles in Hispanic film, he made his American debut in Gus Van Sant's Milk.  

AKA: None
The knife-wielding Azazel can move about by teleporting from one place to another. If his appearance reminds viewers of another pointy-tailed mutant that's no coincidence, as Marvel comics pegged him as the father of future X-Man Nightcrawler. Unfortunately for the First Class, heroism seems to have skipped his generation.    

About the actor: Jason Flemyng is an English actor, whose film work includes Snatch, Stardust, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the latter which earned him a Screen Actors Guild Award Nomination.    

*This article first published 6/1/2011
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