The Mob Doctor

What's it About: As its name suggests, The Mob Doctor is a new Fox drama about a brilliant surgeon secretly working for Chicago's Southside mob. Dr. Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro) has a deal with the mob bosses of Chicago. Spare her brother's life and she will work off his debt by acting as their own, personal surgeon. For a time, she managed to walk the razor edge between the world of healing and the world of crime, but after she's suddenly ordered to murder a trial witness coming to her operating table, Grace must find a way out of her double life before someone gets killed.           

First Impressions: It's a good premise and the trailer certainly had enough thrill for us, but a show like this could easily go south. Prime Suspect and The Chicago Code played with the same themes and both were axed despite warm reviews. We're going to keep an eye on this one for the moment.

Final Verdict: Undetermined        

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Ben & Kate

What's it About: Ben and Kate grew up in a broken home and survived by taking care of each other. Now years later, Ben is still a naïve dreamer while Kate is a single mother trying to make a life for her young daughter. After Ben realizes his sister still needs his help sorting out her life, he decides to move in and take care of his niece. Meanwhile, Kate begins to understand just how much her brother has sacrificed for her, and searches for a way to pay him back.       

First Impressions: This show looks more sad than funny. The trailer was kind of depressing, and most of its generic gags flopped pretty hard. Surprisingly, some critics have high hopes for Ben & Kate, but honestly we just don't see it.

Final Verdict: Pass              

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*This Review First Published 6/1/2012