First Impressions: Just watching the trailer was agony. This show could be used as an extreme way to interrogate known terrorists.   

Final Verdict: Pass! Pass! Pass! Pass! Pass!  

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The Family Tools  

What's it About: Jack Shea (Kyle Bornheimer) is the family screw-up. He's failed everything he's ever done, from flunking out the Army to being kicked out of seminary school. But after his father (J.K. Simmons) has a heart attack and is forced into retirement, Jack decides to return home and take over the family's repair business. Hijinks ensue as this inept slacker deals with everything from malfunctioning power tools to his oddball assistant (Edi Gathegi).  

First Impressions: There's probably an audience for this show somewhere. A broad appeal might make it a sleeper hit like The Middle, but overall the show looks pretty generic. There's also too much slapstick in the trailer.        

Final Verdict: Pass

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How To Live

What's it About: How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life (full title) is about a young, and very uptight, mother (Scrubs Sarah Chalke) who moves back in with her parents after her husband gambles away their life savings. Unfortunately, her parent's (Brad Garrett and Elizabeth Perkins) free-spirited nature wreaks havoc on her already crazy life.        

First Impressions: We love Sarah Chalke (and Brad Garrett isn't bad either), but old people spouting profanity is pretty low-brow humor. Plus, the title is way too long.    

Final Verdict: Pass

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Malibu Country

What's it About: Reba McEntire is Reba Gallagher, a former country music singer who now takes care of her elderly mother and two, teenage children. After finding out that her husband has been cheating on her, she moves her family from Nashville, Tennessee to Malibu, California, hoping to restart her music career and bring her family back together.  

First Impressions: This looks like a compete clone of Reba's previous TV show Reba (Yeah, we're getting confused too). Still, with clean jokes and being family friendly it may carve out a niche audience in its timeslot.

Final Verdict: Undetermined

*Click here to watch the trailer for ABC's Malibu Country.