Charlie is supposed to be headstrong but manages to keep getting in trouble as she is driven by the guilt of not being there when her brother needed her. None of the characters really has an inner life, though. Miles spouts sarcastic lines and broods when he's not slicing and dicing militiamen. In one episode the party finds a resistance group planning to restore the United States of America. Their "rebel base, " a long abandoned Applebees style restaurant, not long after a Militia attack has killed and wounded many of its members. As Miles recommends leaving them to their fate, one of the rebels, a former girlfriend, in the best Luke Skywalker-to-Han Solo fashion, say's "Look around you, these people are hurt," since apparently the only thing that works on the guy is guilt.

The rebel leader, a Catholic priests, starts giving instructions for where they'll rendezvous when shots blast through the windows. Apparently no one thought to put sentries on duty and the militia has lined up right outside to fire muskets at them. Pinned down, Miles uses his special ops military training and tells the rebels to use whatever they can to start digging a tunnel through the back of the restaurant, using, apparently any leftover silverware. In minutes they have burrowed several feet, apparently using the Bugs Bunny tunneling technique, but surprisingly, to no avail, since restaurant chair legs make poor tunnel support columns. Since just about everyone on the show seems too stupid to live, one wonders if the cast can survive the season.

Meanwhile, why did the lights go out, anyway? Aaron discovers the mysterious flash drive has the means of spontaneously activating nearby electrical devices momentarily. This is apparently the heart of the show's "mythology," the gradually to be revealed, through flashbacks, rather unintriguing mystery of how things came to this point. After three episodes of foolish and uninteresting characters stuck with a breakdown of the laws of dramatic action I didn't care why the laws of physics stopped working.

*This Review First Published 10/8/2012