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The Comfort of the Cross

Suffering? If so, here are 10 things - six to think, four to do - that are certain to bring relief.

Is Your Church Sending Mixed Messages?

As you sit at home –- or in your office –- reading this story, your church continues to communicate many messages to your community.

Hollywood a Reminder Not to Take Blasphemy, Idolatry Lightly

In Hollywood Be Thy Name, author Ray Comfort takes on the entertainment industry. He encourages Christians to say no to blasphemy and idolatry and send Hollywood this message: “You have used blasphemy in this movie, and you’re not getting my money at the box office.”

How to Expand Your Life with God

Life's demands can suffocate you if you settle for less than the abundant life God offers.

  • Whitney Von Lake Hopler |
  • July 27, 2007 |
  • comments
What if Eve Said "No?" — A Women's Guide to Resisting Temptation

Resisting the temptation to find life’s answers in food, drink, sex, shopping, or any other sensual pleasure requires soul-searching to find your substitute god and preparation to resist it.

Can You Love Your Husband and Brad Pitt?

Some experts say extramarital crushes are healthy and normal. Author Sharon Jaynes looks to the ultimate marriage expert -- God -- for answers.

Winds of Change: Festival of Faith & Music

With a mission to be “agents of renewal in the academy, church and society,” Calvin College provided conversation for more than 1,200 attendees at this year’s Festival of Faith & Music, hosting lectures, roundtables, showcases and concerts over two days.

Epicenter DVD Elaborates on End-Times Theology

Epicenter, a one-hour DVD which promotes author Joel Rosenberg’s non-fiction book by the same name, elaborates on his end-times theology, which is currently popular among Dispensationalists like Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsay.

  • Annabelle Robertson |
  • July 25, 2007 |
  • comments
The Painful Death of Iraq's Christian Community

Christian America may soon be the death of Iraqi Christians. Although Islam long has been in the ascendancy in Iraq, the so-called Assyrians, who speak a neo-Aramaic language, predate the rise of Islam. Today, however, the Iraqi Christian community faces possible extermination.

Taliban Threatens to Kill South Korean Missionaries

Afghan negotiators were on Sunday night locked in talks with the Taliban to release 23 South Korean Christian missionaries that the fighters have taken hostage and threatened to kill unless a deal could be reached Monday.

Hold Lightly What You Value Greatly

At first glance, it's hard to know what the "Rich Fool" of Luke 12 did wrong. He seems like the sort of man any of us would want as a church member.

The Making of a Friendship

We probably know more about David’s entire life than most any other person in the Bible. But, beyond all of the lessons we can learn from his reign as king, it was the time prior to him taking the throne that we can learn the most in regards to true friendship.

Please Don't Tell Me the Proverbs 31 Woman Wears a Size 8

Once upon a time, the Proverbs 31 Woman made me feel very inadequate and inefficient in every other area of my life...

Use Contrast for Full-Bodied Preaching

"The dark side is what's missing," I said to myself. Or perhaps that was the Holy Spirit speaking...

Jesus March Changes Political and Religious Landscape In Nigeria

From the 1960s until recently, politics in Nigeria has been characterized by killing, assassinations, burning of houses and kidnapping of political opponents. What's the solution?

Confronting an Irresponsible Spouse

Too many people tolerate too much abuse in marriage, believing it somehow virtuous to be longsuffering. The Apostle Paul clearly advises us on setting boundaries in marriage, and allowing for strong consequences when those boundaries are violated...

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