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Setting Reachable Goals for Family Worship

Are you running out of gas in your efforts to lead family devotions? Set simpler goals.

Marriage Is Just a Piece of Paper - Part 1

Today, living together has become a popular counterfeit to marriage and one of the most deceptive lies in truth’s clothing. The wedding day is documented with more than beautiful photos—it’s sealed by a piece of paper called a marriage license, and The Naked Truth is that it’s not just any piece of paper.

Iraq's Christians Cry: "Please Don't Leave Us"

Canon Andrew White of St. George's Baghdad, reports in a series of email updates of the worsening crisis in the country and the suffering of the Christians which has intensified over the last few months.

How to Change Lives through Worship, Justice, & Evangelism

Sometimes we put up artificial barriers between important church functions.

When We Don't Ask

The inability to ask and seek the Lord’s direction can be a spiritual matter. It can be a symptom of the inability to humble yourself, and the inability to humble yourself is a sign of “pride.”

The Godly Foundation of America

9 out of 10 Americans believe in God, yet strangely enough there are those who are convinced the creation of the United States is based solely on secular principles.

  • Rev. Dr. Paul G. Irwin |
  • July 06, 2007 |
  • comments
Goals of a Spiritual Champion

Helpful mini-goals to practice as you push toward the main goal of becoming like Jesus.

What a Friend we have in Jesus!

One of the reasons I treasure Paul's letters is the peek into relationships between believers. Eventually all earthly friendships end. However, there is an eternal Friend who never leaves us.

When Your Husband Derides Your Faith

When my husband and I got married eight years ago, Christ was not a strong presence in either of our lives. Things have changed for me, but not my husband...

Standing Firm: Independence Day Reflections

"I wish that on this Fourth of July I could have a private celebration of my own soul-freedom."

Summer: The Perfect Time to Teach Manners, Flag Etiquette

Good manners do more than make children pleasant to have around; they equip your kids to face varied social situations successfully.

Samuel Adams: The Indispensable Man

As we celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks, parades, cookouts, and speeches, we should be grateful to our many forebears who risked their property, reputation, and lives to attain our independence. Some of them are well known and highly revered, most notably George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Hancock, and Patrick Henry. The man, however, who arguably played the most significant role in the colonists’ decision to declare independence is largely forgotte

Peppermint-Filled Pinatas Reminds Us That People Matter

Through humor and personal stories author Eric Michael Bryant reintroduces a better way to live in today’s world: People matter . . . not as projects to be converted, but as individuals important and unique in their own right.

SBC Steps Up Ministry to Homosexuals

The Southern Baptist Convention opened a new chapter in the denomination's outreach to homosexuals this month.

Responding to "Green Politics," Part Three

Continuing the responsible Christian's journey into the discussion of whether population growth and human presence are an affront to the earth.

What Does it Take to be a Church Planter?

Church planting is not for every preacher. So what kind of man must the church planter be?

  • Dr. Bruce McAllister |
  • June 29, 2007 |
  • comments
When you Love Someone who Doesn't Love Christ

All Christians have in their lives people to whom they are close, but who don't share their faith. How do you handle that?

Crackdown on Protestant Christians Continues in Uzbekistan

The June 19 deportation of a Tajik citizen living in Uzbekistan is the latest in a series of deportations of foreign citizens involved in religious activity.

Running in Circles

In Running in Circles: How False Spirituality Traps Us in Unhealthy Relationships, author and pastor Kim Engelmann helps readers find hope in God’s invitation to find freedom in him in the midst of a difficult relationship. Read an excerpt from chapter one.

More Worship for the Church on Holding Nothing Back

Holding Nothing Back stays true to Tim Hughes’ modern worship sound. With driving beats and infectious melodies, his songwriting is easily accessible to today’s church.

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