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Frankie Has Two Mommies: Redefining Humanity with Our Cures

Nature told readers about a technique that could potentially “prevent a number of incurable genetic diseases.” But exploiting the potential comes at a cost.

The Christian Bucket List

Fifty things every believer should do before Heaven.

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

What makes your heart sing? Can you still hear the music of God's purpose? How do you tune in to the music that makes your heart sing? And how do you find it in the first place?

  • Rebecca Barlow Jordan |
  • May 18, 2010 |
  • comments
A Meal Says More than You Think: The Importance of Hospitality

The Bible teaches that acts of hospitality or inhospitality reveal the good or evil of a person or a community. How well do Christians display God's own heart in this area?

After the Flood: Nashville Rebuilds and Reaches Out

As the water recedes, I've watched a new spirit of hope and community emerge in Nashville as residents – and Christian artists -- band together to rebuild and reach out.

Kudzu Government: When the State Grows Wild

From General Motors to health care. From bank bailouts to national anti-obesity campaigns. Government is becoming more and more involved of every aspect of American life.

All Roads Lead to Heaven? — Kathleen Parker Does Theology

Kathleen Parker has advised secular America that the distinctive evangelical belief in the necessity of belief in Christ for salvation has a generational expiration date stamped on it.

A Moral and Just Response to the Immigration Crisis

We must think through the question of illegal immigration not only as concerned citizens, but also as compassionate Christians.

Loving My Invisible Neighbor

How Bible Study Changed My Life and Saved My Marriage

David Lawson of Precept Ministries knew his marriage was in serious trouble. So, while his wife B.J. was out of town visiting a relative, he visited a church. That Sunday morning, he gave his life to Christ.

A Spiritual Package Deal

  • Robert Leslie Holmes |
  • May 14, 2010 |
  • comments
The Moral Life of Babies (and the Ideological Life of Adults)

A team of researchers believe they have documented the fact that babies do have a very clear sense of right and wrong from very early stages.

Kagan’s Just the Latest Radical Obama Lawyer

Elena Kagan’s willingness to work with a few conservatives has earned her some respect as a pragmatist. But it’s a good bet that she’d become a true leftist when safely seated.

The Tyranny of Tolerance: Is the U.S. Flag Offensive?

The two students were minding their own business when the vice principal ordered them to remove their American flag bandanas. Why? Because it was Cinco de Mayo.

How to Discover Your True Identity

Self-discovery is a freedom that only leads to frustration in the end. The only way to discover who you really are is to seek a relationship with the God who made you. It's about getting in touch with The Vertical Self.

What are we Singing: I Still Believe

Jeremy Camp's song, I Still Believe, written after the death of his first wife at the age of 21, holds words Peter could have easily added to his epistle. Life is upside down, but I choose to believe, they say.

Courage and Faith

A Little Ash Goes a Long Way: Volcanoes and Hubris

Our confidence in our technological abilities is unbounded -- then a minor volcano coughs and brings the modern world to a standstill.

Out of Touch with Government's First Responsibility

Our leaders in Washington seem to have lost focus on the first duty of government, which is to protect the lives and liberty of its citizens.

Who Will Be Tested Next? The Dilemma of Franklin Graham

The recent controversy about Franklin Graham is a sign of things to come.

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