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Broken to Be Made Whole

What Do Men Think of Modesty?

How does our style of dress effect the men in our lives? I want you to hear from the guys themselves.

Leading on Empty

If you're a church or ministry leader, at times you've probably been depleted of energy and longing to escape the pressure. In Leading on Empty, Wayne Cordeiro candidly shares his experience with the hope that it will encourage others headed down the same path.

Josh McDowell on Defending the Bible

"The best defense of Christianity is a clear, simple presentation of the gospel that is culturally relevant, in the power of the Holy Spirit, backed up by a lifestyle and calling for a decision." --Josh McDowell

The Millennial Generation: Do They Know What They Believe?

Young evangelicals believe in absolute right and wrong, and they believe that God exists. But they're not applying these basic beliefs in a sound way.

How to Help the Poor

Most Christians today acknowledge that caring for the poor is a biblical requisite. The primary debate is how to best fulfill this mandate...

  • Dr. Gary Scott Smith & Dr. J.D. Wyneken |
  • April 09, 2010 |
  • comments
The Bad News of Intelligent Design

I Choose Forgiveness

Think of the crowd of people on the broad road through life, carrying their sin with them--all of God's wrath for all the selfish, prideful things; all the good left undone; and all of the indifference to God. What a blessing to know the forgiveness of sins in God!

  • Dr. James MacDonald |
  • April 08, 2010 |
  • comments
How to Break the Religious Rules Without Breaking Yourself

Ask yourself honestly if your allegiance is to moralism - simply good moral habits and churchy routines - or if it's directly to God.

What Happens When We Sing in Worship?

Some Christians think music supersedes the Word. Others think that music undermines the Word. But God Himself wants them together. Why does God command us not only to praise Him, but to sing praises to Him?

Who Are "The Poor?"

10 Minutes with N.T. Wright on "Why Christian Character Matters"

N.T. Wright's latest book is less a polemic in support of a more strident legalism or a treatise on "cheap grace." Rather, Wright argues that the idea of virtue -- moral strength -- is the best way forward through our troubled times.

The Three W's: Questions to Ask When Entering Ministry

New to ministry, this pastor learned to ask three very important questions...

Evangelical Left Twists the Gospel in 'Social Justice' Fervor

Glenn Beck stirred up a hornet's nest with his now famous equation of "social justice" with socialism. But the whole discussion is confused because people don't recognize the difference between law and gospel...

  • Dr. E. Calvin Beisner |
  • April 06, 2010 |
  • comments
Render Unto Caesar? On Paying Taxes After Obamacare

Should Christians defy the government and refuse to pay taxes if some involvement in abortion is almost certain? The answer to that question reaches far beyond the issue of abortion — and far beyond the question of taxation.

Seismic Reform? The California Corrections Crisis

Circumstances are forcing California—like many other states—to rethink the way it handles prisons and prisoners. The change has been a long time coming, and Californians are paying a high price for the delay.


Realities of the Resurrected: A Post-Easter Reflection

I've watched several Easters and Good Fridays play out around me. Engagements and babies followed or preceded by cancer, infidelity, or financial hardship. Most of life is like this. How do we deal with this reality?

The Empty Cross, The Empty Tomb

Although we talk about the death of Jesus often, for some reason we have tended to only mention the resurrection at Easter time. It's time to redress the balance a bit and talk more about Jesus' death AND resurrection.

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