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Take Your Masks Off: The Value of Authenticity

What if people could see beyond your physical appearance and look at your insecurities, pride, shame, or malicious thoughts? As uncomfortable as this may sound, you can’t enjoy healthy relationships unless you remove your masks...

The Magic Of Opening Day

Atheism Versus Christ's Literal Resurrection

The linchpin of all Christian doctrine is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Atheists have the unenviable challenge of trying to prove a negative—that the resurrection didn't happen.

  • Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson |
  • March 26, 2008 |
  • comments
The Blessing of Tough Times: Rediscovering Community

When's the last time you helped a neighbor in need? Chances are these days, you have plenty of opportunities. And that's not a bad thing.

'Never Waste a Good Crisis,' They Say

Politicians takes these opportunities to twist and distort and confuse and promise things they can never deliver. Once the people have figured that out, more often than not, it’s too late.

Always Losing, Never Lost: Christianity in America

If American history is any guide to the American present, we are on the edge of a great revival of traditional Christianity.

  • Dr. John Mark Reynolds |
  • April 03, 2009 |
  • comments
Risky Business: Avoiding the Seven Most Common Perils of Youth Work

Even seemingly innocent day-to-day interactions with youth can lead to unspeakable dangers—for the youth and for the viability of your ministry.

Harvard Research Proves the Pope (and God) Right

The pope's "assertion" that condoms spread HIV/AIDS earned a cacophony of condemnation. But Harvard research actually supports the pope's comments.

Myths of the Resurrection

Every few years someone publishes "proof" that Christ's resurrection never occurred. Most of these have the same credibility level as urban myths.

Paul's Four Criteria of the 'Worshipping Unbeliever'

Near the end of 2 Corinthians, Paul writes, "Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith." That seems a curious admonition to serve up to church members, don’t you think?

Hooked: Teens on Casual Sex

One new book shows how teenage sexual activity can affect the brain. It's not good news.

The Deficit Difference in Two Sentences

How do we simply—very, very simply—explain the mindboggling generational debt being produced right now by President Obama and the Democratic Congress? Here's the sound-bite.

The Delay of Marriage and the Decline of Church Attendance

The extension of adolescence into the late twenties is highly correlated with the rise of secularism and with lower rates of church attendance.

Congregations Face Difficult Choices in Sour Economy

Fraught with foreclosures, job losses and other cutbacks, congregations across the country are facing the same belt-tightening challenges as everyone else.

Is Your Church a Safe Church?

With proper security measures in place, a church or religious organization can deter or prevent a potential incident from happening, said security experts.

How You Can Face Crisis Without Panic

Have you received some bad news lately? The temptation is to panic, but there is another way to respond.

An Opportunity for Spiritual Renewal

Yes, the headlines are touting some bad news for people of faith. But our hearts can interpret this as an opportunity for a fresh dose of good news.

Crisis? What Crisis? Media Ignores Iran's New Abilities

Iran’s theocracy has the missile, has the fissile material, and is thus very close to a nuclear bomb. That’s farther than Saddam Hussein ever got. But what have we heard about this from the press?

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