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Re-imagining Success in Ministry

Tell Stories Like Life Depends on It

The specific, nitty-gritty, sometimes disgusting, sometimes beautiful things that God has done really matter. We're saved by faith alone, but faith needs facts.

Christmas All Year Long

Have you ever thought about giving something away every day of the year leading up to Christmas?

  • Charles R. Swindoll |
  • December 12, 2008 |
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10 Holiday Tips for the Working Woman

For the women handling business in and outside the home, the holidays can be a time of anxiety...

Newsweek Argues the Religious Case for Gay Marriage

Newsweek magazine, one of the most influential news magazines in America, has decided to come out for same-sex marriage in a big way, and to do so by means of a biblical and theological argument.

A Steadfast Spirit in Personal Warfare

Let's never think that we are the only one going through warfare. All of God's people who have been used by Him have come face-to-face in confrontation and warfare. Everyone has had to learn to be steadfast. It's inevitable.

  • Debbie Przybylski |
  • December 10, 2008 |
  • comments
If the People Around Me Would Change

On more than one occasion, I have learned this important lesson: You won't become happy if someone else changes or if the world around you changes. You become happy when you change.

Unpacking Forgiveness

Only God’s Word can unpack forgiveness. The wounds are too deep for us to find healing on our own. Unpacking Forgiveness balances the beauty of God’s grace and the necessity of forgiveness with the teaching that it must take place in a way that is consistent with justice.

Too Much Tradition?

Wrapped up in all of the hub-bub of the holidays, yet trying to keep things simple, I've discovered one hitch that serves as a hang-up for many of us: Too much tradition.

Jesus and the Feminists: Who Do They Say That He Is?

The feminist movement has affected every aspect of political and social America, and Christians are becoming increasingly aware of how this movement has impacted the church. Now, author Margaret Kostenberger explains and critiques the various feminist interpretations of Jesus...

  • Margaret Elizabeth Kostenberger |
  • December 09, 2008 |
  • comments
Jack Black, Jesus and Proposition 8

Opening with an all-star cast, “Prop 8: The Musical” has one point: to shame the voting public for passing Proposition 8 a month ago, which simply defined marriage in California as between a man and a woman.

Enduring Loss During the Holidays

If you are grieving someone this holiday season, take comfort in knowing that someday you will celebrate Christmas all together again...

The Greatest Gift of All; The Birth of Jesus Christ

The real message of Christmas is not the gifts that we give to each other, but the reminder of the gift that God has given to us. It is the only gift that keeps on giving, so I want to point out four things about it...

Remembering a Black Friday to Die For

How can you explain the callous, inhumane acts—first, of trampling a store employee to death and then, upon hearing that tragic news, refusing to discontinue shopping because of the inconvenience of a long wait?

Non-Christians: Friends or Foes?

Jesus doesn’t view non-Christians as the enemy, but as victims of the enemy.

Restoring the Virtue of Meekness; Living Like Jesus Christ

Probably the least admired character quality in America is meekness. And yet the greatest Person who ever lived was a meek and humble man-"learn from Me, for I am gentle [meek] and humble in heart" (Matthew 11:29).

Simple Ways to Help Hurting Families this Christmas

Is someone in your congregation experiencing a difficult Christmas? You can offer comfort and encouragement this season by reaching out with these sweet remembrances.

Homosexuality: Misconceptions in Ministry

In my research and work as a counselor and psychology professor, I have come across many misconceptions regarding homosexuality. In this brief article, I want to highlight three that are often relevant in Christian ministry.

  • Dr. Warren Throckmorton |
  • December 03, 2008 |
  • comments
Echoes of Old Heresies Still Among Us

The call Ralph Waldo Emerson issued 170 years ago at Divinity Hall is the very message we now hear from others -- Christianity must change or die.

Restoring what the Locusts Have Eaten

  • Kristine Steakley |
  • December 02, 2008 |
  • comments
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