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Forgiving the "Other Woman"

I never considered that betrayal would enter my marriage. One question kept coming to the forefront: How could one woman do this to another?

Wedding Modesty: Has it Gone Out of Style?

You're not alone if you have become increasingly grieved by the immodesty of brides and bridesmaids at "Christian" weddings in recent years. Is anyone asking anymore whether or not God is glorified by what is worn and done?

A Positive Life

Written for anyone who wants to appreciate life to the fullest, A Positive Life reveals nine basic yet powerful lessons for living with passionate faith and joy. Through his story of living with HIV, Shane Stanford helps readers find contentment in their own lives, no matter the circumstances.

Ruth: Sex, Race, and God's Sovereignty at Work

Ruth is a very old book. How is it relevant and helpful for life today? John Piper discusses seven reasons why this book of love, ethnicity, and God's sovereignty deserves our attention.

The Pill Turns 50 — TIME Considers the Contraceptive Revolution

TIME magazine's current cover story puts the issue of the Pill and birth control front and center in our cultural conversation. It should be an important part of our Christian conversation as well.

Ten Things to Know about Healthy Leadership

How do we distinguish healthy from unhealthy leadership? Here are 10 places to start.

Should We Fire God? A Virginia Tech Pastor on Faith after Crisis

Where is God when bad things happen? Jim Pace, co-pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship at Virginia Tech, encountered numerous, heart-wrenching questions like this one in the months following April 16, 2007. His recently released book, Should We Fire God? is a response to the spiritual questioning many experience after tragedy strikes.

Uniquely Female: The Scriptural Blueprint for Femininity

God created woman from the side of man, so she's made of the same stuff—equal to man. But she's also different. Here are six markers of complementarity that can be observed in the creation of woman.

Beth Moore Helps Women Say Goodbye to Insecurity

In Beth Moore's new book So Long, Insecurity: You've been a Bad Friend to Us, women learn ways to say "goodbye" to insecurity and "hello" to the confidence God wants you to enjoy.

How to Do Something

God doesn't intend for you to shrink back from the needs around you; He wants to use your life to help others. In fact, God has uniquely created you to meet certain needs and is hoping you'll accept your mission.

Keep Your List Short

"If you want to be a Christian who makes a difference in this world, read your Bible with an eye toward making a list of those things you're willing to go to war over, and then never compromise on that list. But keep it short."

Sara Groves: Her Confession Continues on Fireflies and Songs

In what is Sara Groves' ninth album, the singer/songwriter takes the listener down a road of confession and relationship. After 15 years of marriage, Sara says year seven brought various challenges. Fireflies and Songs tackles those relational hurdles similar to what many couples face.

God Bless Glenn Beck, Our National Fool

Fools entertain us, but they educate us while we laugh. This edutainment has limited value, but sometimes foolish rulers have to be answered by fools foolishly if they are to end their folly.

  • Dr. John Mark Reynolds |
  • April 16, 2010 |
  • comments
Singles in the Church: The Bride's Sibling Revival

Respecting our brothers and sisters in Christ takes on even greater significance when considering how we singles model the Bride of Christ through our interpersonal relationships. So, let's participate in the marriage analogy as we live out our daily lives within our communities of faith!

Uniquely Male: The Scriptural Blueprint for Masculinity

The Bible teaches that male and female roles are complementary, not identical or interchangeable. God could have made male and female at the exact same time and in the exact same way. But the fact is, He didn't.

Nine Ways to Give Church another Chance

Have you given up on going to church, or do you attend only out of a sense of duty? A fresh look at spiritual practices could result in Giving Church another Chance.

Racism and Repentance: One Church's Story

When a church follows cultural instead of scriptural standards, theological troubles are certain to follow, as the conservatives at First Baptist found during segregation times.

Be Careful What You Pray For....

When the Church's Enemy is the Church

Jesus said, "I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it." The longer I'm in ministry, I think he might have added, "...and the Elders and Deacons will not prevail against it."

NewsNote: Aborting the “Wrong” Baby?

A doctor in the Sarasota, Florida, has lost his license because he aborted what is now described as the "wrong" baby.

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