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'This is Life We’re Talking About' — Abortion and the Health Care Bill

Ground Zero for the sanctity of human life is now the U.S. House of Representatives, where the Democratic leadership is pulling all the levers to come up with the 216 votes necessary to pass the Obama health care bill.

Health Care: National Suicide by Self-Execution

The "Slaughter Rule" allows congressional members to claim that they didn't actually vote for the bill when they face citizens in their districts. But that kind of hocus-pocus is not going to work.

St. Patrick: Why His Message Still Matters

Weak though he was, Patrick's success lay in his recognition of the Gospel's power to transform, transfigure and uplift, and this is as true for us in the 21st century as it was for him in the fifth.

  • Brother Colmán Ó Clabaigh, OSB |
  • March 11, 2010 |
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Powerful Phrases that Can Improve Your Marriage

Words contain great power to either help or harm people. Here are some key phrases you can say to each other to improve your marriage.

Finding Time for God

My children have some internal alarm that goes off as soon as I open my Bible, so I often conclude my devotional time feeling frustration and guilt, resolving to try harder next time. How's a busy person supposed to spend time with God?

Fight Lies with Biblical Truths

Lots of lies swirl around this fallen world. That's why it's crucial to know the truth about who God really is, and who he has designed you to be.

The Most Spectacular Sin Ever Committed

Was it the driving of the nails? The thrusting of the spear? The mockery of Herod? The weaving of the thorns and pushing them down on his head with glee? Peter's denial? Or Judas, who kissed him for 30 pieces of silver?

Green Zone Might Make You See Red

Before Green Zone, Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon teamed for two of the Jason Bourne films to much better effect. Although the third Bourne film revolved around issues, its main concern was a character. Green Zone is about an issue—the Iraq War—rather than about its characters.

The Scandal of Gendercide — War on Baby Girls

This week The Economist published its stunning cover story -- "Gendercide: What Happened to 100 Million Baby Girls?" -- ending media resistance to directly covering the horror.

Brooding and Heartbreak Go Hand in Hand in Remember Me

For whatever reason, trouble and tragedy seem to follow Robert Pattinson's characters wherever they go. First as Edward Cullen, the vampire who sparkles in the sunlight in Twilight. And now, as Tyler Hawkins, a brooding young man straight out of J.D. Salinger's imagination.

Women and Children First? A Tale of Two Ships

Aboard the Titanic, the men generally behaved with great concern for women and children, doing their best to get the women and children into the precious and insufficient seats in the lifeboats. The Lusitania sinking was another story.

When Our Kids Hurt

When painful circumstances arise, our first impulse is to pick our kids up or bail them out. But hurtful experiences in our children's lives are catalysts for their spiritual growth - and ours.

Unholy Trinity: Outraged at TBN's Brazen False Teaching

All those who truly love Christ and care about the truth have a solemn duty to defend the truth by exposing and opposing lies that masquerade as truth.

Tim Burton's Wild Imagination Put to Good Use in Alice in Wonderland

Given that Tim Burton has been the guy responsible for everything from the lovable Edward Scissorhands to the grisly Sweeney Todd, it's not surprising that Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland would be a perfect vehicle for his unconventional filmmaking.

Trusting God When Life Seems Unfair

Where is God when life seems unfair? My friend, Patricia, was wondering just that. "My husband is living with some woman in Palm Springs," Patricia told me bitterly. "He doesn't seem to have a care in the world. In the meantime, I'm struggling to make ends meet for me and the kids."

How Does the Death of Jesus Save Me?

"Jesus died for my sins." What does that mean exactly? How could the death of Jesus help me get to heaven? What does the death of Christ save me from?

"Napkin Theology" an Example of One Man Influencing Culture Creatively

If you thought seminary took too much time and money, but were also convinced everyone lacked easily-accessible theological education, what would you create? Stan Ward's "Napkin Theology" is the latest example of Christians making Culture with quality and purpose.

What is God's Purpose for Your Marriage?

Before the drain of daily duties entered your marriage, did you have a vision of purpose in your relationship?

Tiger's Tale and the Truth about Sexual Addiction

Eyes often roll at the term "sexual addiction." For some, this misunderstood concept feels like an excuse for poor behavior. Author Meg Wilson, who once walked a path similar to Elin's, clears up common misconceptions.

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