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Finding Fulfillment in Life

Some of us try all our lives to acquire a key to a certain washroom in the company, or parking spaces with our names on them. When we receive them, however, what do we have?

3-D G-Force Proves Strictly One-Dimensional

Despite a covert team of “highly trained” guinea pigs, G-Force is jazzed up only by a 3-D presentation. But even those moments deliver few eye-popping delights. It doesn't take special glasses to realize nearly every other element is strictly one-dimensional.

Crass Over Class Prevails in a Charmless Ugly Truth

What prevents The Ugly Truth from contributing anything worthwhile to the rom-com genre is its sheer absurdity. Not only does the dialogue—and attempts at humor—scrape the bottom of the barrel morally, but there aren’t even 10 seconds of this forgettable movie that are believable.

10 Things Parents Need to Know about Kids and Divorce

The TV show Jon and Kate Plus 8 has pushed the topic of kids and divorce into the news. I understand the subject only too well because I was 8 years old when my parents divorced...

Talking to the Dead

As a twenty-something grieving widow, Kate Davis is supposed to put on a brave face and get on with her life, right? Instead she's camped out on her living room floor and unable to sleep because her husband Kevin keeps talking to her. Read more from Bonnie Groves latest, Talking to the Dead.

'Debaptism' Takes Root with American Atheists

Within the past year, "de-baptism" ceremonies have attracted as many as 250 participants at atheist conventions in Ohio, Texas, Florida and Georgia.

11 Ways Jesus Speaks into Your Sorrow

Jesus experienced great sorrow Himself during His time on earth. He cares about what you're going through, and is not intimidated by the hard questions your sorrow has raised.

Sex and the Single Person

If the Bible addresses an issue with unrelenting frequency, and that issue is one of the strongest forces in the world, then ministers of the Word are obligated to declare God's will on that issue.

Three Things the New Pastor Wants Most

The more I reflected on it, the more I realized any pastor coming into a new church would give a month's salary for these three gifts.

Living Life to the Full

Why do we have that nagging sense of destiny in our hearts? Because He put it there. A hunger, a desire to walk in His wondrous plan, and to experience life super-abundantly.

Dancing Past Regrets

“If only I hadn’t married him. If only I had just waited on God a little longer. But how could I have known?” The tears spilled out, along with Linda's regrets from the past several years...

Childhood Officially Left Behind in Half-Blood Prince

Juxtaposing a far more ominous tone with the clumsy romantic entanglements of its teenage protagonists, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is easily the funniest, darkest and most ambitious film of the successful series.

Experiencing Victory in the Midst of Trials

What trials are you facing in life right now? The solution may start with "bringing every thought into captivity."

Palin: Why She Left Is No Mystery

Maybe there is a logical explanation after all with no mystery involved. Governor Sarah Palin said the following...

Fruit of the Spirit: The First Steps to an Enduring Marriage

In order to love one another with a godly love, we mere mortals need a little help. That is where the “Fruit of the Spirit” comes in...

  • Deborah J. Thompson |
  • June 23, 2009 |
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An Oasis in a Spiritual Desert

If Christian fellowship is considered to be shaking hands and asking about your church friends' week and then sitting down and singing and listening to preaching and then going home, how is that any different than going to a bar?

Are You Financially Bound?

God's Word doesn't say we can't borrow, but it does warn us against excessive debt. If you're in debt, what changes can you make to resolve your debt and avoid debt in the future?

Are You A Fear-Driven Parent?

When my son turned eighteen, he got a tattoo. What did his dad and I do? What most parents do.

Be a Kinder Calvinist

As you celebrate John Calvin's 500th birthday, recognize that it won't be easy to change the pejorative stereotype that clings to Calvinism, but we can start by admitting that it is accurate far too often.

Bruno Goes Where No Comedy Has Gone Before

As with all comedies built on outrageous gags, Brüno goes too far. There are a few laughs along the way, but a larger cost to be paid. One can only imagine what further images will comprise future “outrageous” comedies now that Brüno has lowered the bar.

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