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Chris Legg is a licensed minister and professional counselor; he is the Campus Pastor for FBC Tyler’s South Campus; he also runs a thriving therapy practice in Tyler, Texas… counseling, speaking and consulting. He is a graduate of Texas A&M and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, with Master’s degrees in Religious Ed. and Marriage and Family Therapy, and has developed the Phalanx discipleship ministry for men. Chris and his lovely wife Ginger have been honeymooning since 1993, and have been blessed with three great kids: Mark, Ellie, and Holland. Chris can be contacted at 903 561 8663 or Check out Phalanx, articles, and other resources at his website at

I wanted to add my final note and my sources that I cited here as well.

Another note: In another Science Friday interview with Dr. Krauss (Jan 13, 2012 – Science Friday), Krauss confronts the question of “Why there is something rather than nothing.”

Krauss makes the claim that the question of “ ‘Why is there something rather than nothing’ is a scientific question, not a religious or philosophical one…”

I think this largely stems from Krauss’s obvious continued confusion about what “nothing” is. Dr. William Lane Craig has been driven to pulling hair out about Krauss’s confusion here. After listening to this interview, I began to understand.

Clearly nothing means “not anything.” But Krauss still equates empty space and nothing as the same thing. In essence, Krauss does not believe in “nothing.” And he also seems to be unable to understand this simple definition.

As a therapists and a pastor too, sadly, I have known many men who seem unable to assimilate new information.

Maybe the rational definition of “nothing” is too new a way of thinking for him.

He talks about how empty space and “nothing” are the same thing and then he will talk in detail about how empty space is not truly empty – but is full of all kinds of stuff. Wouldn’t that mean that it is not empty? By what possible standard could that be considered “nothing”?

With his definition of “nothing”, you can understand why he would say things like, “nothing can create something all the time…”

Further, at one point, one of the scientists made the claim that “When people ask “why” what they really mean is “how”, and went on to clarify that “If you say ‘why does the sun shine?’ you really mean ‘how does the sun shine’.” No, it isn’t. At least it isn’t when I ask it.

I ask why, and am interested in “why”. I am asking “why” as in “what explains the source – what explains the fact that it does shine rather than not exist. I am asking for source and motivation. I am NOT asking “how.”

I understand the process of HOW rain falls. They water cycle is pretty evident. I want to know WHY that cycle exists in the first place.

I understand the HOW of evolution, to the degree it can be understood with all the gaps… but I want to understand WHY the mutations happened, WHY life exists. WHY is there anything rather than nothing.


“Science Friday”… on March 21, 2014, hosted by Ira Flatow

“Science Friday”… on Jan 13, 2012, hosted by Ira Flatow Achenbach, Joel.

Peplow, Mark.

In an earlier interview, in a conversation about the beginning of the universe, one scientist made the claim that science has “made it clear that there is a plausible case that a universe like the universe we live in could result literally from nothing…”

When Krauss said that “all of the energy that we see was created from basically empty space,” what does he mean?

Probably this: “Multiple lines of evidence, including the detection of the CMB exactly 50 years ago, have bolstered the consensus model of modern cosmology, which shows that the universe was initially infinitely hot and dense, literally dimensionless. There was no space, no time.” (Achenbach)

In the first tiniest fraction of a second – 1/1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (some day 32 zeroes) th of a second, the universe increased in size by 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times! It had been thought for quite a while that a lot of stuff happened in the first moments of the universe’s existence (I once heard someone say that much of the growth of the universe happened in the first 30 minutes of after the Big Bang…) I do not remember who that was (probably from some kind of NOVA show or something)… but whoever they were, they apparently weren’t even close.

In Millionths of Trillionths of a part of a second, it seems, the universe expanded from nothing to a significant something, millions of trillions of times in size.

Dare I say it?

As if it were spoken into existence.

Now, I do not want to claim something as “ours” without looking at the whole picture. There are many other implications of this discovery that some Theists might not be so happy with (it turns out that the universe is probably 14 billion years ago or more.

My personal views does not struggle with this, but I know that many people’s do. It also means that probably only about 5% of the matter of the universe is “normal” matter – most of the rest is the mysterious stuff that modern scientists call “dark.” (Peplow)

We will have to keep waiting to figure out what the implications of that means too, because right now, no one has any idea. The reason that I wanted to write on this, is to encourage those who are theists, but who feel stupid, marginalized and written off by those in the scientific community.

It is ok to be a theist and a scientist.

Be encouraged that in this case, and at this point, what even the secular scientists have uncovered about the beginning of the universe matches what Christian (and Muslim and Jewish) theologians would have predicted.


It takes essentially nothing to create a universe.” Alan Guth

Years ago, I read in a physics textbook a confession by a popular physicists (sadly, I cannot find the book or remember the author’s name) from the 1950’s. He remembered that the secular physicists of the time were very concerned as it was becoming more and more clear that the universe started suddenly and not outrageously slowly as had been theorized up until that time.

The concern was that the theists were going to, figuratively speaking, rub their noses in it. After all, theists of most stripes have said that the universe came into existence in an instant. In the Judeo-Christian heritage, God spoke the universe into existence.

The author also noted that the secular physicists sighed a collective sigh of relief when the Christians, in particular, came out in immediate and rabid (my word) hatred of the “Big Bang” theory.

It was not for a while before someone was smart enough to realize the correlation and create the famous (infamous?) bumper sticker “God spoke and BANG the universe existed.” bumper sticker It is my hope that a day will come when Christians will stop reacting ignorantly to scientific input.

All truth is God’s truth.

If there is a God, He is the ultimate source for everything, including truth. Even if a blind squirrel finds a nut, it is still a nut. Even if a secular, God-hating person uncovers something that is true, it is still true. Let’s learn to stop forwarding emails without checking for their veracity and accuracy. Let’s become educated enough in regards to biology, physics and reality to stop making mistakes like building whole arguments on misunderstandings of things even basic scientific understandings like Laws of Thermodynamics. Let’s let our opponents make arguments from blindness or ignorance. If you do not know what you are talking about, it is ok to not talk.

Now, I want to report on further developments from some top scientists (one of whom is a raving anti-theist and especially anti-Christian). Then, if you are a theist, enjoy that scientists are finding evidence that is what we should have predicted that they would find.

Does this prove we are right – That God obviously exists? Of course not, but it sure is a cool thing when even secular science reports precisely what a Creationist (not an age of the Earth theory, just a source theory) would have predicted.

From “Science Friday”… on March 21, 2014 Alan Guth, Lawrence Krauss, and John Kovac were interviewed about the new input on the expansion of the universe.

I am hesitant to give direct credit for each quote since it is often difficult on the audio to tell who is always speaking. I will guess with confidence when I am pretty sure, but please excuse me if I get the wrong professor/researcher.

The new data is referenced as “…almost unimaginable.” I would imagine so, given that a purely naturalistic perspective would make this information tough to swallow. This research was about what was going on, to quote Krauss, when the universe was “10-35 seconds old …essentially the beginning of time.”

Christian theologians have presented that God created time – that there was a “when” that precedes the movement of time, at least as we understand it. Krauss, at least, seems to agree with that theory. So far so good.

But the coolest stuff came later in the interview. Next week. You are gonna love this.


I have some friends that we are so similar as to create an odd sense of time together even when we haven’t spent much time together.  Know what I mean?  Our temperaments, perspectives, opinions, etc are so similar that even getting together a few times a year is sufficient to maintain our friendship as at least “stable.”


However, there are others who I dearly love who are so different from me in their personality (temperament plus character), understandings, and communication styles that even a couple of weeks of not getting time and the relationships begins to feel awkward.


Of course, this happens in marriage too.  Make sure you are getting enough time to nurture the garden even when (and maybe especially when) the conditions aren’t naturally super favorable!


Also, stage of life impacts some of this.  You cannot do everything you would like to do (check out so you have to be more intentional with what you have!


Finally, I would say that there is one thing about the question that bugs me a little.


As I make clear in the “limited resources” article, we have to learn to love intentionally and intelligently since we have so little margin in most of our lives… However, I still want to have a mindset of “how much time do I GET to spend with my spouse!?”


I am a little saddened when someone wants to know the minimum (Now I also know that sometimes one spouse is too irresponsible to schedule the time needed, or too much of people person to create the margin needed, or just an ornery and difficult person who wants to avoid, or even a lazy person who can’t be bothered to think outside of their own comfort… or, to be honest, even just a tired person with little left to give at the end of most days)…


So, to repeat, I am a little saddened when someone wants to know the minimum number for anything that God meant to be a gift to them.


What is the bare minimum of Mint Oreos that I have to eat?  What is the raw lowest number of dollars I have to accept?  See what I mean?


So, if your spouse is trying to figure out the minimum hours with you, ask yourself, what can I do to make that time with me more of a sweet experience?


I you find yourself wondering how little time you can get with your spouse and it still be enough – then you have become a boring spouse.  Get on the ball and become an agent of freedom, love and change in your family rather than someone who needs to be coddled.


If you both are seeking the least time required to be together (or if either of the above are true) then you need to come talk to one of our counselors – in person or by phone and get rev’ed up to make a difference in your marriage.  Who wants a boring marriage – I have never fully understood the idea that if we are going to stay together anyway, we might as well do our best to make it wonderful… not just bearable… much less unbearable.


So, here are my thoughts – focus attention toward finding out how to embrace time with your spouse and what role you can play in helping them embrace time with you… and then make the habit of devoting what time you can afford to one another!  Since life has a habit of causing a couple to drift apart and away, you had better schedule it.


Remember, like any garden, there are times of sowing a reaping when a good deal of focused attention for a good deal of time.  There are other times when less time is ok… but remember, no garden produces all the time.   Fruit and flowers are what make marriage fun, but they require the regular investment all year around.


Back to the original question… It is a good one, especially in this regard… we must be diligent and intentional about creating time for what matters most to us… in this case, our marriages. 


Don’t let your marriage slowly decay into a dead and fruitless garden.  Get the help you need, if you need it, and make whatever investment is needed to be a good gardener

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