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Christian Hamaker
Maze Runner Not the Most Novel Dystopian TaleChristian Hamaker

Levels of intensity and violence push the PG-13 boundaries, but the film is competent considering it's another teen dystopian adaptation.

Susan  Ellingburg
This is Where I Leave You: At the Opening Credits?Susan Ellingburg

Has a fabulously talented cast with authentic-feeling relationships. So what's the downside to this film? It is wildly inappropriate.

Christian Hamaker
Suicide Motif Makes for a Dark Skeleton TwinsChristian Hamaker

Brother-sister reconciliation story goes to some dark places, and doesn't allow viewers to laugh all of them off.

Christa Banister
Dolphin Tale 2 Just Treads WaterChrista Banister

The pacing is sluggish, the storytelling predictable. Compared to the original, it's pretty inferior in the inspiration department, too.

Christian Hamaker
The Drop Bottoms Out Early, Never RecoversChristian Hamaker

Could more accurately be referred to as "The Letdown," and a big one at that. Only manages a small burst of energy before fizzling out.


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