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Christa Banister
Brosnan More Geriatric Bourne Than Bond in Blasé November ManChrista Banister

Plenty of car chases, moral ambiguity and a serious body count, but this loose adaptation of There Are No Spies falls into no man’s land.

Jeffrey Huston
Football and Faith Lead When the Game Stands Tall Jeffrey Huston

As well-made a faith-based movie as you're likely to see, with the professional polish you'd expect from a studio-backed film like this.

Christa Banister
Teen Romance on Life Support in Weepy If I StayChrista Banister

Nowhere near as intriguing as the novel it's based upon. In fact it feels more like "Touched by an Angel: Teen Edition."

Christian Hamaker
Frank Might Leave You Wearing a Puzzled ExpressionChristian Hamaker

Plays like an inside joke, offering moments of diversion and offbeat humor but never amounting to anything more than a curiosity.

Christa Banister
Second Chapter of Sin City is Still All Style and Little SubstanceChrista Banister

Tries to cram four stories into just over 90 minutes. Star-studded and easy on the eyes, but lacks a method to its shock-jock madness.


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