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Susan  Ellingburg
Planes: Fire & Rescue Flies Higher Than OriginalSusan Ellingburg

This time the cute factor doesn’t get in the way of meaningful characters and it’s a much better picture as a result.

Christa Banister
Sex Tape a Shallow Exercise in Rekindling the Marital SparkChrista Banister

Not only do Diaz and Segel lack believability as a couple, they’re simply too old to be acting this foolish in this unfunny 'comedy.'

Christian Hamaker
Exuberant Boyhood Soars before Hitting Teenage SkidsChristian Hamaker

A magnificent experiment that succeeds in a fashion so spectacular that not even the most dazzling CGI-driven popcorn movie can match it.

Susan  Ellingburg
Intelligent Apes, Mindless EntertainmentSusan Ellingburg

Every cliché is covered, and there are plot holes big enough to drive a tank through, but it's all about the spectacle and effects.

Christa Banister
Too Many Recycled Parts Clutter Earth to EchoChrista Banister

A shallow slog of a movie that never delivers the magic, fun or creativity of all the films (E.T., The Goonies, etc.) it aspires to be.


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