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Christian Hamaker
Besson Brings Style, but Lucy is Philosophically ProblematicChristian Hamaker

Rather than cautioning about aspiring to god-like omniscience, Lucy appears to long for that outcome. But this is secondary to the fun.

Christian Hamaker
Chilly Story of A Most Wanted Man Could Leave Some Viewers ColdChristian Hamaker

Hoffman’s strong performance in A Most Wanted Man reminds us again of what we lost when he died.

Christa Banister
Woody Allen Ponders the Afterlife in Enchanting Magic in the MoonlightChrista Banister

Like the best screwball comedies of the past, the magic in Magic in the Moonlight lies in the sharp witty banter between the film’s leads...

Susan  Ellingburg
Hercules Flexes Some Muscle Susan Ellingburg

This new Hercules is a completely different animal (and I’m not just talking about the lion our hero so famously slew with his bare hands...

Christian Hamaker
Keaton Sings! Douglas Finds Love! And So it Goes...Christian Hamaker

Begins with several forced, tasteless jokes before settling into a familiar but not unpleasant story which the lead actors carry well.


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