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Susan  Ellingburg
The Book of Life Deals More in Death and Questionable TruthSusan Ellingburg

Full of humor, charming characters, and some interesting life lessons, but quite a lot of it is about death and what happens after.

Christian Hamaker
Acts of Valor Stir Mixed Emotions in FuryChristian Hamaker

Delivers many of the familiar genre beats of wartime movies, but then goes beyond them, excelling at moments both peaceful and violent.

Christa Banister
Murray Excels as a Geezer with a Heart of Gold in St. VincentChrista Banister

Thanks to particularly inspired casting it's transformed from a standard indie movie, clichés and all, into something far more special.

Christa Banister
The Best of Me is Easily the Worst of SparksChrista Banister

Owns the least plausible and laughably awful ending committed to film in recent memory; nothing but a poor knock-off of The Notebook.

Christa Banister
Alexander's Bad Day is Your Family's Good TimeChrista Banister

There's something delightfully retro and very-early-Disney about this worthwhile adaptation of the popular children's book.


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