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Christa Banister
Revenge is Bittersweet in The Other WomanChrista Banister

Female-fantasy revenge tale that often feels like a shameless retread, saved only by a bit of inspired comedic casting in Mann and Diaz.

Susan  Ellingburg
Walking with the Enemy a Story That Needs to be Told, SeenSusan Ellingburg

A tale of courage, sacrifice and redemption set against the backdrop of war-torn Budapest near the end of WWII, but it does tend to drag.

Susan  Ellingburg
Disney's Bears a Thrilling Journey into Nature Susan Ellingburg

Seen first as tiny babes, the show’s stars—cub twins Amber and Scout—resemble nothing so much as living, breathing teddy bears.

Christian Hamaker
Transcendence Doesn’t Go Above and BeyondChristian Hamaker

Has an intriguing premise but gets less interesting, not more, once Will experiences transcendence.

Christian Hamaker
The Railway Man Ponders Reconciliation Rather Than RevengeChristian Hamaker

Hasn't been promoted to Christians, yet it’s an inspiring, powerful film that revolves around the tension between justice and mercy.


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