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Christa Banister
Cooper's Vocal Work Saves the Day in Guardians of the GalaxyChrista Banister

Superhero movies are usually oh-so-serious, but what makes this one work so well is a funny, fast-and-loose style and clever soundtrack.

Susan  Ellingburg
Get On Up Isn't Pretty, but Captures the Essence of James BrownSusan Ellingburg

Not your typical birth-to-grave biography. It's a little spastic and occasionally confusing but certainly keeps the intensity set high.

Jeffrey Huston
Beautiful Calvary about the Struggle to be Both Righteous, HumanJeffrey Huston

When a religiously-themed film has no agenda towards evangelism or secularism, it’s amazing how legitimately thought-provoking it can be.

Christian Hamaker
Mood Indigo Fails to Fully FlowerChristian Hamaker

The opening bursts with a rare synthesis of music and unusual imagery that looks like the beginning of a memorable film. It doesn't last.

Christian Hamaker
Besson Brings Style, but Lucy is Philosophically ProblematicChristian Hamaker

Rather than cautioning about aspiring to god-like omniscience, Lucy appears to long for that outcome. But this is secondary to the fun.


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