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Dr. Paul J. Dean Christian Blog and Commentary Archives

Dr. Paul J. Dean

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Dr. Paul Dean is a pastor, cultural commentator, and author. He serves as a Regional Mentor with the International Association of Biblical Counselors, speaks at several conferences throughout the year, and provides training for ministers and churches on a regular basis. Paul resides in the Upstate of South Carolina with his wife and three children.

I Don't Care if my Daughter Gets Good Grades or Not

Here’s a scary thought: I don’t care if my eleven-year-old daughter gets good grades or not. In fact, I don’t care if she learns most of what’s shoveled out in school these days.

Kick the Bucket List

I admit I don’t always think like others which creates problems. I’m a fun person – but – I’m not always fun. So, how can I be – well – not fun today?

Woman Films own Abortion; No Guilt, but . . .

So Casablanca ends up being about putting personal feelings aside for the more important effort of fighting for freedom in the war.

A Need to Change Pet Culture

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there but they say it could soon be a man-eat-dog world if we’re not careful. “In a piece that may not sit well with some pet owners, Erik Assadourian argues that pets are detrimental to the planet—and it's time to take action.

Who's Teaching Your Children?

Educators are supposed to be educated. Yet a teacher and officials at a Broward County public school banned a fifth grader from reading the Bible during “free reading” time.

Full-Court Press: Prayer in Government Meetings

While most people don’t like to pray, they certainly want the right to pray. Of course there are those who think they have a right not to be offended by the prayers of others.

Man Crush Madness at the NCAA

Can we just stop it with the “man crush” thing? And while we’re at it, let’s stop the “bromance” thing, the getting-in-touch-with-your-feminine-side thing, and any other thing that blurs the lines between the sexes, gender identity, and/or heterosexuality vs. homosexuality.

I'm Giving up Lent for Lent

I had an E.F. Hutton moment when I walked into a deli in New Orleans and ordered a roast beef sandwich on Friday during Lent.

Why I Don't Celebrate Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

Let’s be clear: I hate slavery and racism because God hates slavery and racism.

Don't Fumble Your Surgery - Part 3 - Deal with Others

If we’re created to glorify God, then putting His reality and power on display in the midst of distress is where the rubber meets the road.

Deal with Self - Don't Fumble Your Surgery - Part 2

Earnest Byner will never forget the moment when he was about to score the tying touchdown in the 1987 AFC Championship Game and fumbled the ball instead. How can he?

Don't Fumble Your Surgery - Part 1 - Deal with God

Life is tough; there’s no doubt about it. I’ve seen people handle adversity well and I’ve seen others fall to pieces.

Who's Libertarian: Secularists or Christians?

It’s shocking what’s shocking these days. Purity; honesty; things like that. But other things too; I read stuff from Lew Rockwell because the New Covenant vision for civil society is largely libertarian. Now there’s a shocking statement. What gives?

Stirring Our Affections for Jesus in Worship

I’ve had more conversations about corporate worship than I care to remember; not because I don’t like talking about worship but because I’m out of step.

Exemplary Church

Out in the West Texas town of El Paso it wouldn’t be hard to find a cowboy church. We have them in my neck of the woods too; I met a guy the other day who started one down the road.

The Kerfuffle Shuffle: Thoughts on Reformed Hip Hop

I’ve tried not to weigh in on the recent kerfuffle over reformed hip-hop. It’s dangerous because no matter where you come down you’re going to be misunderstood and excoriated.

Auburn Announcer Giving Credit Where Due

Auburn knocked off top-ranked Alabama on the last play of the 2013 Iron Bowl in a most unlikely fashion – and it was kind of a repeat.

You Have to Know Why You Pray

We’ve all heard the story of the young wife who cut off both ends of the ham before cooking it. When her husband asked her why – she didn’t know; that’s the way her mom always did it.

Social Justice, the Circus, and Programming Away the Gospel

I’ve called our church to keep visiting orphans and widows, adopting children, and ministering in the prisons. I’ve encouraged them to keep doing mercy ministry and working for social justice. Of course, I don’t want the church as the church to set up a program of feeding the hungry or clothing the naked. What?

What about Churched Harry and Mary (and Discipleship)?

Let’s draw a picture of Churched Harry and Mary. They go to church and love the worship; they often have jubilant or overwhelmingly emotional experiences there;

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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