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As you know, I am not hesitant to bemoan the prodigal path of today's secular universities. Well, unfortunately, it is not only "public" institutions that have strayed from home: "Christian" colleges are playing the prodigal as well.


Recently, a professor at a well-known Christian college confronted a student in her class by saying, "Jesus Christ, don't you know the answer to the question?" When challenged, the provost at this institution defended this faculty member and said, "Some members of this denomination don't consider this to be cursing." Apparently this leader thinks it's excusable to hire faculty who don't even understand it is wrong to use the Lord's name in vain!


At this same college a board member was asked to identify the doctrine that distinguished a college as being truly evangelical in matters pertaining to sexual behavior. She responded, "I have searched forever and cannot find any psychological proof that sexual relationships outside of marriage are harmful . . ." One wonders what Bible this board member is using for her research or if she has ever bothered to pick up the daily newspaper.


A lead professor at this same institution commented on the virgin birth and the historicity of Christ's miracles by saying, "I don't think it is necessary to take a position" on these stories because they can be merely "message statements" and not "reality statements."


In shopping for colleges this coming fall, remember that wolves do dress in sheep's clothing, that talk is cheap, and that actions speak louder than words. Look further than four-color brochures and catchy "Christian" rhetoric. Look for the evidence of faith and the fruit of biblical fidelity. Remember that Christ Himself told you to do this for it is by their fruit that "you shall know them."