A colleague recently came across a funny website I thought you’d enjoy. It listed some hilarious mistakes people made on their résumés. Here are a few highlights:

“Skills: Strong work ethic, attention to detail, team player, self-motivated, attention to detail.”

“I have a demonstrated ability in multi-tasting.”

“Graduated in 1882.”

“Took a career break to renovate my horse.”

“My work ethics are impeachable.”

“I consistently tanked as top sales producer for new accounts.”

“Dear sir or madman…”

“Skills: I can type without lokng at thekeyboard.”

“Instrumental in ruining entire operation for a Midwest chain store.”

One woman sent in her résumé and cover letter without deleting a friend’s edits, including such comments as, “I don’t think you want to say this about yourself here.”

The whole job interview process can be stressful, can’t it? Certainly none of us want to make the kind of mistakes listed above, but maybe there’s some wisdom in not taking ourselves quite so seriously and lightening up just a bit.

Do you have a funny job interview moment – as interviewer or interviewee – you’d like to share?

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