Coca-Cola is rolling out a new product sure to help those of us who might be dedicated enthusiasts of social media.

Well, not really. The giant soft drink company actually debuted a new tongue-in-cheek commercial that nevertheless sends all of us who have a smart phone always-at-the-ready a worthwhile message:

Put down the phone. Look up. Connect with your loved ones and share a “real” moment with them.

What a great reminder to take into the weekend. May the Lord bless these next couple of days with rest, relaxation and special memory-making with those you love.

Those of you visiting the blog from a (ahem) mobile device can watch the commercial at this link.

For a more serious take on the topic, I’ve also written two blog posts that might interest you: “Could You Do Without This for 24 Hours?” and “Protecting Your Family from the Digital Invasion.”

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