Posted by Jim_Daly Sep 24, 2012

When you review history, it's remarkable how many things have been decided by the slimmest of margins:commit2vote2012-02.jpg

Who can forget the presidential election of 2000? You'll recall that George W. Bush defeated Vice President Al Gore by just 537 votes in Florida.

A race for the Alaskan House of Representatives in 2008 came down to a single vote.

That same year, Al Franken defeated Minnesota's U.S. Senator Norm Coleman in a hotly contested election. Only 225 votes separated the two men. ctovote1.jpg

Your vote matters!

Did you vote in 2008?

Will you vote on November 6th?

Your vote could make the difference.

My good friend, Dr. Tony Evans, joins me on today’s Focus on the Family radio broadcast to talk more about this important topic. I’d like to invite you to listen by clicking here.

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