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To Help Save Yourself, Forget Yourself

We know what we're supposed to do when things get tough.

"We ARE the new wine"

""If we focus only on the miracle of water becoming wine, we miss what is perhaps the most important point of today's gospel."

From a Christian Woman Who Chose Abortion

"I have lived with the shame and disgrace of what I did for 24 years, and basically condemned myself as a murderer unworthy of God's love."

How To Win Every Argument With Your Wife

MEN: you can't go wrong employing these time-honored techniques in every argument you ever have with your wife. Right?

Outside the Inn: Pastor Bob's Christmas Eve sermon

"Couldn't God have timed this baby's birth to not take place during a major Roman census? This would have saved Mary and Joseph a lot of trouble. And Mary on a donkey in her last trimester? Really?"

Now comes God

"Happy Birthday to the God who knows us all, because he’s been us all."

The Mystery of the Disappearing Christmas Carolers

Ah, carolers. They used to be such a big part of Christmas.

Are You Listening?: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

"Certainly, Elizabeth and Zechariah, and Mary and Joseph all had to look at their lives anew. Any expectations of what life would look like surely changed with a few words from God—with two baby boys who would forever change everything for all of us."

The Very Pregnant Mary and Joseph Have a Chat

A conversation between Joseph and the woman he loved

“Why would God degrade Mary as he did?”

A young woman writes with what I think is a deeper problem than the one she asks about.

Who Are You?: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

"And isn't that what God wants? For us to be successful? For our identity to be found in such success: family, security, a nice home and rewarding career? Surely God is blessing us for what we do to better our loved ones and ourselves."

“Prepare the Way”: A Sermon by Pastor Bob

"His master had been in the water for hours, his great arms taking hold of each person who, with a mixture of fear and awe, was plummeted into the waters of the Jordan---only to emerge briefly before being pushed in again. It was a baptism of repentance. It was not meant to be peaceful. It was a public drowning."

The Days of Our Lives

This past Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. If you're not sure exactly what that means, here you go!

"Keep Awake": A Sermon by Pastor Bob

"If Christ is coming soon, why care about the environment? If Christ is coming soon, why worry about the future of our children, grandchildren, or beyond? If Christ is coming soon, why care about anyone else who does not subscribe to my precise definition of Christianity, let alone show any compassion to people of other faiths?"

Receiving is Human; Giving is Divine

“Please send us salt, dried meat, soap, lard---and could you throw in a few giant belt buckles? Can’t have too many of those.”

The Beatitude Attitude: 9 Tips for Avoiding Family Stress Over the Holidays

Feeling at all stressed about getting together with family over the holidays? Then the Sermon on the Mount is speaking to you

"He Made Us To Be a Kingdom": A Sermon for Christ the King Sunday by Pastor Bob

"This morning I would like to suggest to you that our gospel reading is one of the hardest texts for us to understand. Not just because of the subtleties of the conversation between Jesus and Pilate, or even because Jesus raises that universal issue of truth to which Pilate will right after our reading ask Jesus, 'What is truth?' No, this reading is hard because as 21st century Americans, we have no experience of someone being our king."

"Fear of God": A Sermon by Pastor Bob

"A salesman, driving on a lonely country road one dark and rainy night, had a flat. He opened his car trunk—no lug wrench. The light from a farmhouse could be seen dimly up the road. He set out on foot through the driving rain. Surely the farmer would have a lug wrench he could borrow, he thought."

Erin: You Are Not Responsible For Your Husband’s Suicide

A woman writes in, heartbroken with the guilt she feels over her husband's suicide

“Caught in God's Blessing: The Beatitudes": A Sermon by Pastor Bob

A great sermon from my friend Pastor Bob on how the Beatitudes catch us all up in the blessings of God.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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