I soooo shouldn’t be typing this right now. I should be asleep, like (my wife) Cat is. That girl can sleep. Like a log. And we all know how logs sleep. Really soundly. That’s the beauty of a log cabin: You can’t wake it up. That’s exactly what you want in a house: Imperturbability.

So. I’m babbling. What a surprise.

Anyway, we’re here. Great hotel; we’ve actually changed our plans from “Let’s go see Chicago!” to “Phhhft. Chicago. Like they have this couch there.” Right now Cat’s asleep; before joining her I’ve decided to get the job done!  It’s 11:15 p.m. here--which means I’m talking to myself, because you, dear reader, are surely … asleep, like a normal person.

How I envy you.

So good-night! Tomorrow morning, I do The Harvest Show! They tell me that before I go on camera, someone there will put make-up on me. So, I'll be being interviewed on my thoughts about the relationship between the Great Commission and the Great Commandment while wearing just a little foundation and some blush.

Life. You just couldn't make it up.