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Julianna Morlet Christian Blog and Commentary

Julianna Morlet


Julianna Morlet is the girl behind the lifestyle blog, The Girl That Sings. Her blog is focused on her journey as a homemade singer, writer, speaker. If she could sum up who she is in one sentence it'd be, "A visionary idealist who wishes to conquer the world before her 25th birthday." She is the eldest of six children, and is being well-seasoned and fashioned by this life. From sexual abuse, to a blended family, to a baby sister with leukemia, to college in the mid-west and her journey as a homemade singer and worship leader, she has been led to a faith in God that cannot be shaken. You can find her at, Facebook, and Twitter.

"But a certain Samaritan, as he traveled along, came down to where he was; and when he saw him, he was moved with pity and sympathy [for him], And went to him and dressed his wounds, pouring on [them] oil and wine. Then he set him on his own beast and brought him to an inn and took care of him."

Luke 10:33-34


“The samaritan didn’t say, ‘Here’s the wine and oil for your wounds,’ he actually poured the oil and wine.”

 - Charles Spurgeon


Jesus is the Word of God. He is the manifestation of redemption upon the earth. And when He left this earth, He sent “one who is greater” so that we, His Church, could be empowered to do as He did. 


He started something so we could finish it. 


You are the verb, the action upon Jesus’ word, to somebody in your life. (Click it to tweet it!) 

You are the hands that bring healing as you tend to their wounds.

You mouth the words that bring life into someone’s desperate circumstance.

You are the feet that walk beside them, up the hill and down again. 

You are the arms that link with the man and woman next to you, forming a fortified army of warriors against a defeated Enemy. 

But you can’t just hand them the ointment and wine and peace out. 


It's time to stop with the good intentions. 


Just as you and I needed God to come down in the form of a man and take our debt upon His back, they need you to pour it out for them. 

Yes, there are safe boundaries. Yes, there are limits. Yes, enabling is a real thing to be aware of. But the line is further up than we think. 


So who is in your life, right now, whose wounds have them pinned to the ground? Who in your life needs you to pour the oil and wine of healing? 

I have mine.

Let’s invite them into our homes, our families, our churches, our sisterhoods or brotherhoods. Whatever that looks like, let’s do it soon. 

 - - - - - 

[Jesus] took the cup, after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant written in my blood, poured out for you.” 

Luke 22:20

- - - - -

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*This setlist was formed by the worship team of Rancho Community Church but we don't own it. Copy away :)

My Speaking Notes: 

I went away last weekend to find my mind. Lost it amidst the girls conference and some personal trials. So I sent myself away from all civilization and begged God to meet me. 

It sounds way more spiritual than it actually was. My prayers weren't polished or refined. There was a lot of incomplete sentences and ugly crying.

But let me tell you, He met me.

Not in a crazy or fireworks way, but rather through the power of truth, consistency and peace of Scripture. He reminded me of His goodness, He reminded me of His grace, He reminded me of His patience, He reminded me of His perfect timing, His faithfulness and mostly His love.

Some of you might be in that place today, where you need to hear from God.  You're praying for a sign or grasping for answers and we're here, as the Family of God to remind you of who we know God to be.  We're here to come around you and pray with you and worship around you , reminding you to run, run full speed into His arms. Because nothing, I promise you that nothing compares to His embrace.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
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To Connect with Julianna, find her on Facebook, Twitter, or her Blog

It was our third anniversary and my parents gave us their last weekend at their timeshare in Lake Tahoe. While we'd never experienced the glorious beauty of the west lake, in every mention of where we were going, people would rave. I mean raaaaave about it's beauty.


It'll make you think of heaven, one friend said. Especially when the water is still and glassy.

If only I'd known how much prophecy was percolating in her words.


We checked in, grabbed some dinner, and then decided to take a little drive around the lake.


Now, those of you who've been to Lake Tahoe know that "little" and "lake" aren't quite companions.


We drove in silence for the first 30 minutes, both lost in our own thoughts about the last three years.  Another 30 minutes passed of small talk about how beautiful the lake really was. Then I blurted, How big is this lake?!" 

We laughed.
And then I started crying.
And then Tyson, like the average guy, was utterly and totally confused.


You see, when we began our drive around the lake, I remembered my friends words about heaven and glassy and stillness.Man, it does look like heaven. Or at least what we perceive heaven to be. I can't wait for heaven. I can't wait for the Ctrl+Alt+Dlt button on life. Although I love my life, I know heaven will be greater. 

Wait, how do I know that? How I do know God is just going to start everything over? That goes against everything we know about Him. He is a Creator, an architect, a designer and a lover of beautiful things. He takes His time. He owns time. (Click to tweet.)

So what would cause me to think that in the new heaven and new earth, all things will cease to exist as they currently are?


Tradition maybe? Bible flannel graphs? End times debacles and Armageddon tales?


But if what I know about my God, the Creator, is true, then He is currently making all things new. Without obliterating them first.


Which means, speaking directly into my situation, He is making me new.
Which means, He is making Ty new too. Right now.


That's when the tear broke the dam of responsibility.


I am not responsible for my husband’s holiness. God is. 


At the time, his sin seemed way worse than mine, because, well, I had a scale by which I measured them. No matter my good intentions. Up until that point, I was so focused on purging him and "helping him," I lost sight of him. I was so focused on thehim sin was clinging to and not the him God created. The eternal parts of him. The parts that matter.


The husband. The musician. The artist. The man of his word. The integrity. The loyal. The steadfast. The committed. The fighter. The hard-worker. The warrior. The victor.


Focusing on the temporal was prohibiting my view of the eternal. The beautiful, magnificent, mind blowing eternal. (Click it to tweet it.)
- - - - - - - -


This is why I wept. I started to get uncomfortable with the silence because my thoughts were so far ahead of me, into a territory of faith and grace I'd only wished for, and I was afraid to talk about it. Especially with my husband.


Why? Because he knew me. He knew my prones and wanderings. He knew my fear and my lashes.


And what I was mulling over for the last hour had gone from curious contemplation to a big-huge-marriage-turning confession.


Babe, are you ok? He asked.


No, I'm not okay. I need to apologize to you for the last three years. 


I was faking forgiveness as best I could. I tried to control situations and circumstances as "preventative" measures for this man of God I'd married. And while I liked to think it was all for him, it was actually because I was terrified of losing my fairytale. My Christian fairytale.


Until the lake.
- - - - - - - - - -


I'm sorry, I mustered through the ugly crying. I'm so sorry for only seeing the temporal ugly fading parts of you and completely missing the eternal parts of you. I'm sorry for holding so tightly to your holiness and not giving you freedom in our marriage. I'm sorry for holding your sin over your head in the most Christian way possible. 

I'm done. No more. I want to be a safe place for you from this moment forward. 
- - - - - - - - - -


That day, we were set free. Again.


And now that I think about it, I'm going to refer to that day as our second marriage.


We committed again. We laughed again. And we continued on our marital journey with fresh faces and clean hands.

- - - - - - - - - -

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- - - - - - - - - -

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