It probably comes as no surprise to most people to learn that 80% today's young adults don't believe that oral sex should be considered as "having had sex" given that they were young and impressionable during the 1990s and the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal. I remember at the time being concerned that the cultural definition of what it means to "have sex" might change, and it appears that it has, given that only half as many young people in 2007 think oral sex is sex than the numbers reported in a 1991 study.

This new study, appearing in the journal Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health doesn't attempt to comment on issues of morals and values, but is contained to sociological and health perspectives. The authors of the study worry that fewer numbers of people who consider oral sex as sex may result in an accompanying rise in sexually transmitted diseases.

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p>Source: Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health