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Shawn McEvoy

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Shawn McEvoy is the Managing Editor of He is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University and Virginia Commonwealth University. Shawn is married with two children. In addition to writing for the leading online evangelical publication, he has also written for fantasy sports and pop culture websites.
One American Evangelical Dad's 25 Rules of Christmas

I don't know much, but I do know what's awesome about this holiday, and how to ensure my family, like the reborn Scrooge, knows how to keep Christmas.

The Church Without _______

I'm generally not a big fan of bumper stickers, of advertising platitudinous tweets or angry opinions with my vehicle. But this one caught my attention.

Inoculated with Faith/Hope/Love

The theological virtues are superior inoculations against whatever goes on around us, the very infusions that make possible a mission of bringing joy, mercy and laughter into the world, that elevate 'I can endure all things' above a mere platitude.

My Day at the Beach That Wasn't Any Such Thing

A brutally honest 40-something version of the "What I Did This Summer" essay.

God in The Vow? Seek and Ye Shall Find

There's a bit of controversy abrew over what Hollywood has done to the story of Kim and Krickett Carpenter in the hit movie The Vow. Asked to comment for a story, how did I respond?

Faith on Film in 2011

Not every film about faith is worth seeing, but when faith is present in a film it both sparks conversations and is there because conversations are already happening.

The Paradox of Patience

Patience prevents rash judgment, and judgmentalism. It secures a plan. It is a beautiful paradox of being a non-action and yet a conscious exercise of free will.

A Question Deserving an Audience

Crosswalk sent out a poll regarding voting preferences this week, and the results are in. But the first thing I notice from the survey isn't about politics at all...

Why Scandals Happen: Thoughts on Those Who Didn't Do Right at Penn State

Everyone I know is shocked by the news out of Penn State. Everyone I know says they would have done differently. But then why do scandals happen? Because people who thought they were about the right thing become convinced they have too much to lose to do the right thing. Would I ever be one of them?


The title of my post today strikes me as oxymoronic. Miracles, after all, are defined as acts of God, amazing and marvelous events, and "seals of a divine mission"...

'Dry Wedding': Redundancy, or Oxymoron?

When you attend a wedding, do you expect there will, or will not, be alcohol served?

You're Right!

If it were confirmed to you that everything you believe and preach from the Word of God was true, right, and absolute, what would you do?

Can I Enjoy It? My Harry Potter 180

Asked earlier today, "Can one be a Christian and still enjoy reading/watching the Harry Potter series," I gave the following answer...

Free Radicals

An honest conversation with Jesus about how we should live that takes place between the lines of the Great Sermon in Luke 6.

Freedom Fried

The ‘Fourth of July’ devotional. It fell to me this year. And whoa if I didn’t have a firecracker of a time coming up with what to write...

Coffee Talk: A Pastor Friend and I Discuss Universalism, Hell, Reviews of Rob Bell

"I have no problem if God, in His wisdom, saves people who never heard or knew His name. And, God wouldn't care if I did have a problem with it. If He chooses that I look like a tool for defending the exclusivity of Jesus based on what I read in His Bible, so be it. But, from what I read, there is no other way." ~Jay Sampson

Any Excited LOST Fans Out There?

God on a Cocktail Napkin

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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