The Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia just finished raising their 12-foot "Godless Holiday Tree" on the lawn of the old Chester County Courthouse in West Chester, Pennsylvania. From the story:

The society's "Godless Holiday Tree"--decorated entirely with book covers about atheism, religious skepticism and secular philosophy--took its provocative place yesterday alongside West Chester's Nativity creche and the Chamber of Commerce's towering artificial Christmas tree. A Hanukkah menorah soon will join the tableau.

Society member Staks Rosch, when asked why he was participating, cited Christianity's "monopoly" on western thought: "I'd like to break up that monopoly so we have a free market of ideas--just to balance things out. This tree of knowledge is a celebration of good ideas, of science, of history."

The "tree of knowledge" in West Chester is actually symbolic of a tragic ignorance--of God and his Christ.

Accoring to the article, one passerby Marian Feeley said to those around her, "We should pray for them." Indeed. Pray that they, like Simeon, would not see death before they've seen the Lord's Christ (cf. Luke 2:26).