Your experience matches Eliphez’s—awakening from a deep sleep into a full blown satanic attack.

We will keep this discussion simple. For our purposes, consciousness occurs when we are awake; we are in a sub-conscious state when we are asleep.

As I read the first paragraph of your letter, it seems to me that your inability to call out for Jesus may have been some sort of satanic attack. However, it also seems quite possible that the hand-off between your sub-conscious and your conscious was fumbled momentarily and neither entity was in control.

When we go to sleep our conscious mind makes a “hand-off” to our sub-conscious. Perhaps you’ve been almost asleep when you suddenly jumped and were wide awake. The conscious mind was handing control to the sub-conscious mind and the transition was poorly made—and vice-versa.

When we sleep, our brains produce chemicals to paralyze our bodies. Otherwise, we would act out our dreams. Sleep walkers have a deficiency of these chemicals—some more than others.

Perhaps you were coming out of the “paralyzed” state and thus couldn’t move or speak until the transition of control was returned to your conscious mind. You were hindered from calling out the name of Jesus until the transition was complete and you were back in control of your voice.

Eliphaz’s demonic dream occurred in that transition moment from “paralyzed” subconscious sleep to wakeful consciousness (Job 4:12-16). I postulate that you were not fully awake when you called out for Jesus. The timing described in your first paragraph makes me think it is possible that your entire dream occurred completely and rapidly as your conscious brain was struggling to take the handoff from your sub-conscious.

However the scenario may or may not apply to you, there is no doubt that you awakened terrified and afraid and in the midst of a full-blown satanic attack.

May I answer your questions with some of my personal observations regarding your experience in light of Biblical truth?

  • I do not believe that Satan can enter, influence or control our subconscious minds. His attacks are limited to the times when we are fully awake and can defend ourselves.
  • It is possible for Satan to grab a “foot hold” in our lives. Paul tells us that this may occur if we continue to sin again and again in the same area. Control of that particular area is ups for grabs and if Satan gains control we must repent of our sin (which you did) and pray for Satan to depart. When the sin is forgiven Satan no longer has a foothold (James 4:7).
  •  I don’t believe that our subconscious longings can be sins. After all, by definition we cannot know what is occurring in our sub-conscious.
  •  I don’t believe that we can sin during our dreams. You did not sin when you dreamed about “fleshly” longings for your old boyfriend.
  •  As Christians, we can open up our lives to Satanic attacks. My guideline is as follows: “Any area of our lives not in full surrender to the Holy Spirit is open to attack by a demonic spirit.”
  •  God has given to us every “tool” we need to overcome satanic attacks.
  •  Julie and I go to bed praying for the Lord to build a spiritual, Holy Spirit hedge of protection around us as we sleep. We travel a lot. We spiritually “clean out” every hotel room in order to remove any satanic activity that may have occurred in that room.
  • We overcome satanic influences in our lives by resisting the Devil when he attacks. When we demand that he flee from our presence he must depart, as you affirmed earlier in your letter: “Greater is he than is in us than he that is in the world!”
  • Wisely, you didn’t attempt to handle the satanic attack alone. You enlisted the help of other Christians.

Catherine, the Bible is filled with dreams. I think it will be profitable for us to delve into the subject just a little more.