The fourth collapse factor is decreased support by friendly neighbors. Every society has friends with whom they trade for the products they need. In return, they trade their own surpluses to furnish the products that their friend nations need. Sometimes enemies are friends—like the oil we trade for with our cash to the oil-rich Middle East. By the way, Middle Eastern oil reserves are projected to last only until 2020 at which point the Middle Eastern nations may well become irrelevant on the world political scene. Of course, their oil demise will have adverse affects for us. Another example of decreased support is our “friend” China who is sucking us dry economically. Our trade deficit with them is enormous. We buy lots of their stuff; they buy very little of ours.

The fifth collapse factor is how a society responds to the other four factors. Most societies respond poorly leading to the dreaded collapse. However, some, like the Icelanders who denuded their forests, eroded away their farmlands and overgrazed their animals have turned their impending collapse around. By mutual planning and cooperation they are recovering their lost natural resources. As I listen to our leaders trying to find solutions to our present crisis, when I hear our last president giving away governmental gifts of $1,000 and then begging people to spend it (instead of saving), I am left feeling that no one knows what to do, much less how to fix it. For example, in one area, we are now in a vicious circle that to fix our economy we need people to spend lavishly when they are trying to hoard ever cent—thus leading us further down the road to collapse.

What does this mean for America? I don’t know. Of course, no one knows, except our Creator. I am sure He is grieving for His world today just as He grieved in Genesis six over the sinfulness of mankind then. I can think of many possible scenarios. Let me mention just a few.

  • First, deep economic misery will be our future until the country slowly returns to normalcy. This will probably take 10 to 15 years.
  • Second, runaway inflation may well make our money increasingly worthless. We have several tools to help control inflation.
  • Third, on the other hand, runaway deflation might occur resulting in our assets become increasingly worthless. Deflation will have unbelievable negative consequences. We have no tools to control deflation.

Watch which nations handle the various collapse factors well over the next several years. China is becoming the world power most predicted—but too much purchasing of our debt and too many political problems are stymieing a unified response to their problems (although in its favor, China has made South America its own for the taking with its multiple trade agreements there).

India has surprised us all. From my perspective they may well be preparing best for the future world. They are responding to the current leveling of all nations as second- and third-world nations move up the scale and first-world nations move down the scale of influence and stability. India, for example, has a goal of educating all of its people while the US is becoming less and less literate every day. This places them in an enviable position for the future.

My favorite scenario is for the Second Coming of Christ. I am ready for the Rapture!

What are some of the spiritual implications for today? I can think of several.

First of all, practice good Biblical economics. God has not left us in the dark about the Biblical principles that He recommends. First, we give our tithes and offerings of 10%+ to the Kingdom (usually through our local church). Second, we pay taxes to the government. Third, we make more money than we spend. Fourth, we stay out of debt for depreciating items. Finally, we lay aside about 10% to 20% of our income for future needs (like for a refrigerator or car or college for the children or retirement).