A formulaic faith may involve us in well-meaning, passionate, even spiritual exertions. But it will not build the church and it will not bring the Kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven.

The sooner we recognize and reject any merely formulaic tendencies in our faith or leadership, and the more we learn to depend on the guidelines for faithful practice revealed in God’s Word, the better positioned we will be for the Lord to bring healing and restoration according to His own ways and means.

Next steps: Do you see any symptoms of formulaic faith in your own walk with the Lord, or in your church? Seek the Lord on this matter. Talk with some of your church’s leaders, and see if they have any concerns about this. Share this article with some of your fellow church members, and begin praying that God will help you to rely on His ways and means alone for building His church.

The place to begin in understanding how to be delivered from our little faith is by reviewing the nature of true faith. Order a copy of Chuck Colson’s book, The Faith, and read it carefully and with reflection. It’s available through our online store. You might also read the article, “The Sine qua non of Kingdom Seeking,” by T. M. Moore.