Make your church website matter
Provide information that matters to your audience. Articles on parenting, marriage and financial stewardship might be a decent start. However, if you want to truly have a shot at bringing in outsiders with your church's website, have the members of your congregation write about their areas of expertise. For example: If you have a computer expert in the congregation, ask him/her to write some articles on common computer problems and how an average user might fix them. Or if you have a doctor in the congregation, have him write articles on keeping children healthy or symptoms that warrant a doctor's visit. Or ways to lose weight. 

Use your imagination. If you have a coach in the congregation, you could have him write an article about lessons kids can learn from sports and include a Bible verse with it such as "Whatever you do, do your best as if you are working for God" (Colossians 3:23). A coach could even write an article about how parents should not push their children into sports or be poor examples by yelling at umpires.

Maybe you include seasonal articles about the local high school football team complete with statistics and names of those who made key contributions in games. Write about other local events in order to reach those in your community.

At the end of all of the articles include something like, "From your friends at the Harpeth Church, located at 555 Whatever Street. If you would like someone to to pray with you or study the Bible call us at 555-7733. We care."

Obviously this doesn't replace your outreach efforts or actual participation in community events. But I believe churches should use every tool available to reach the lost. And if you're thinking about having a church website or improving the one you have, these strategies will have you on the right path. Ask members of your church to link to the church site from their personal websites and you are well on your way.

In my opinion, the Internet is another way of becoming "all things to all men." It's another way to use your congregation's gifts to help people and "in any way possible" lead them to Jesus. It also involves the congregation in evangelism and might prime the pump for other evangelistic activity.

Go into all the world... wide-web!

Lee Wilson founded Grace-Centered Magazine and has spoken on many lectureships and Christian events. He co-wrote "The Real Heaven: It's Not What You Think" and speaks to churches about how misconceptions and incorrect teachings about Heaven cause the world to turn away from Christianity. Lee also founded Real Christian Singles, a website that helps Christian singles form godly relationships.