We need to continue with the profit factor. We need to know the benefits for accomplishing our goals. What is the payoff? What is the bottom line? Real motivation comes from proper motives. Once we see what the profit is, we then determine the why, and God shows us the how. The big question is: Is my whole life built around bringing a bride to Jesus? Is the overriding purpose of your local church to prepare and bring a holy bride to Christ?

Next, we need to commit to the prayer factor. We are to daily prayer that God will turn our obstacles into His opportunities. If we are not praying about our cause, then we either do not think the cause is God-given or we are not depending upon God to help us accomplish it. If evangelism is not worth praying about, then we do not fully understanding the importance of it.

We need to conclude this journey with the people factor. Choose your friends carefully. There are people who make deposits and there are those who make withdrawals. If you spend more time with those who take and instead of those who give, then one day you will be overdrawn as a leader. I encourage you arrange quality time with fellow leaders who will one day turn your dreams into teams.


We need to learn how to discipline our personal decisions. When we know where we going then we do not take every exit on the road to effective ministry. We learn to choose between good and best. Ultimately, we even learn the difference not only between right and wrong but between right and right. There are times when two opportunities can appear to be right ones. However, when the minister knows exactly where he/she is going then the decision-making process becomes more exact over the years.

Also, we need to discipline our personal desires. There are times that we must set aside ball games, television, vacations, etc. There is no easy way or fast way to developing effective evangelistic leadership. We are going in the direction of our most dominating thought in life. I urge you to remember that small doors can open to big rooms. Never judge the size of the opportunity by the size of the door.

We need to discipline our personal priorities. There is one place where God will not work. He will not work in second place in our lives. He must have first place in every area of our lives. We must not squander or waste our time. When our professional life outpaces our personal life, then we will have stress and will bring stress to other people. We must always continue to grow. We must not pull over and park in life.

Do you think God calls us to bring a bride to Jesus Christ, but does not give us the needed gifts or skills to accomplish His purpose for our lives? God has given us gifts, not toys. We must use these gifts to help fulfill the Great Commission. Many people are wasting their gifts and, thus, are getting little in return.


Are you a cooperative person? Have you learned to delegate? Have you ever noticed that even though each snowflake is different, when enough different snowflakes get together, they can stop traffic? Over the years, I have learned many principles in life. One is that, when God calls us to a task that is bigger than ourselves, then he brings people around us who are capable of helping us to accomplish the task together. When the Holy Spirit is speaking to us about a particular cause, He is also speaking to like-minded people who He desires to bring together to accomplish the specific task. If it is worth doing, then it is worth doing it with others. We must never forget that when we die, we leave everything we have behind, but we will take everything we are with us.

Do you truly desire to have effective evangelistic leadership? Are you willing to go through the process for success? If the process is incorrect, then the product will not be correct. Poor process equals poor product. I urge you to:
1) establish your cause,
2) examine your conditions,
3) encourage your confidence,
4) enforce your character, and
5) enlist your comrades!

Your Fellow Servant

-Dr. James Davis
GPN President & Co-Founder

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