I am also biased because I went to college with Jeremie Kubicek. And one of the reasons I do like his book is because I also really like Kubicek. He is the real deal. So in spite of my one major critique, I still recommend his book.

Leadership is Dead will seem especially relevant for Christians who serve in executive-level leadership roles. However, Christian leaders at any level of business as well as in the church can benefit from Kubicek’s insights.

For those who want to explore the idea of influence a little deeper, I also recommend Robert Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership and Margaret Wheatley’s Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World.  For mid-level or up-and-coming leaders, I recommend they add Ira Chaleff’s The Courageous Follower. Chaleff’s book will help up-and-coming leaders work as influencers without requiring an executive suite to work from.

Command and control leadership may not be entirely dead (yet), but Kubicek’s influence model is definitely alive and kicking.

Jeremie Kubicek is the president and CEO of GiANT Impact, a leadership development company committed to both personal and organizational leadership development.
Leadership is DeadNew York: Howard Books, 2011

Stanley J. Ward is an introverted leader and the Director of Campus Life and Ministry at The Brook Hill School in Bullard, TX. He is also a PhD candidate in Leadership Studies at Dallas Baptist University. He is also the author of Worldview Conversations: How to Share Your Faith and Keep Your Friends.

Publication date: June 13, 2011