Along with trusting God's call, we find power in praying for one another. Continually lifting up your ministry companion in prayer connects people in ways nothing else can.

It's important for the youth minister not to assume that youth ministry is the only thing going on; there's other important work happening in the church. We need to share creative ideas, insights, and resources—which may mean we spend a lot of time helping the children's ministry look good, and no one sees the fruit directly for the teens. That's good biblical servanthood, because we're not worrying about who gets the credit.

That founding pastor of East Brentwood Presbyterian Church is still the Senior Pastor, and that graduate student is still their Director of Youth Ministries. He hasn't yet finished that Ph.D., because he found God's calling in youth ministry. They're still great friends and still enjoy working together.

Jesus' disciples ultimately went out to do ministry in twos. We like that image. We're pretty sure God doesn't intend for us to be Lone Rangers out there, because that's not how we function best. We function best through trusting, respecting, and appreciating each other. We function best as companions in ministry. And come to think of it, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto, didn't he?

Will Penner
has worked with junior high and high school students as a teacher, coach, and principal, and he's served on staff at Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches. He's currently the editor of Youthworker, and he's been the Director of Youth Ministries at East Brentwood Presbyterian Church for the past seven years.

Dan Sanders-Wooley was a youth worker for a decade and has been a pastor in the Presbyterian Church for 18 years. He has an acute interest in new church development and church growth, especially for young adults who tend to drift away from church. He was the organizing pastor of East Brentwood Presbyterian Church, where he has served as the senior pastor for the past 15 years.