The precious one-flesh relationship you have with your wife by right can be lost by wrong. The greatest wrong I see active in today's ministry marriages is the husband's taking his wife for granted.


The medicinal grains of Stop, Look, and Listen must be wisely and consistently administered. They should be put into a special, effective capsule: your arms around her. In order to keep the plaguing malady forever at bay, the godly husband will take his cue from the first two letters of the word "woman." He'll add another "o" (the "oh" of comprehension), and he'll daily woo his wife. Believe me, she'll be impervious to the vicious, ministry-battering virus of HADD.


Beneth Peters Jones is the wife of Dr. Bob Jones, III, president of Bob Jones University. The author of several books for Christian women, including Ribbing Him Rightly, Talk to Me, Lady!, With Heart and Hand, and Beauty and the Best, Mrs. Jones speaks regularly at women's conferences around the country.