Through the Looking Glass: Adultery’s Window,” by Dr. Julie Barrier

“High Risk Factors in Pastoral Infidelity,” by Carder, D., Christian Counseling Connection, 2007, Publication of the American Christian Counseling Association.

In addition to the conclusions of the researchers who analyzed the four surveys, Dr. Weld added his own experiences, conclusions, and perspectives which are supportive of the conclusions that the researchers have made.

Dr. Chet Weld is the Director of Pastoral Counseling and the Pastoral Care Dept. of Casas Church in Tucson, Arizona.  He has authored three journal articles, a book chapter, and his dissertation on client expectations of prayer in Christian counseling is available through ProQuest (under his full name, Devereaux Chester Weld).  He is available to speak on a variety of subjects, including biblical subjects, marriage issues, relationship issues such as codependency, conflict resolution, victory over stress, and adolescent brain development.  To contact Dr. Weld:

Publication date: December 26, 2011