Ray, write a prayer for your colleagues who lead ministries and congregations...

Pritchard: Father in heaven, I thank you for the godly men and women you have called to lead your church. I ask your special help for those who are discouraged and feeling overwhelmed. Grant them a fresh vision of your love. Help them to see that you love them beyond all human reason. Your cross has proved forever that you love the unlovely because while we, the leaders of your church, were yet sinners, Christ died for us. May we never forget that truth. Save us from the folly of preaching to others what we fail to believe ourselves. Show us again that apart from you, we are nothing but pathetic losers.

Thank you for calling us out of the marketplace of life and giving us a job to do in your vineyard. When we are tempted to compare or to complain, open the eyes of our heart to see the glory of what shall one day be revealed to us.

Grant courage to the faint of heart.
Grant wisdom to the confused.
Grant strength to those who being tempted.
Grant overflowing love to those whose love is running on empty.
Let Jesus be seen in us so that those who follow us might truly be following him. Amen.

Rev. Phil Miglioratti is a longtime Southern Baptist pastor, and currently the director of the National Pastors Prayer Network and the facilitator of networks for the CPLN. Phil also serves as the managing editor of The Praying Pastor. Visit PrayingPastor.com and the Praying Pastor blogspot.
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